Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 146-147

Destiny of a Dragon

"Persisting through life as an idiot isn't always bad" - Saejima

The second protagonist is Taiga Saejima, a man imprisoned for and burdened with the sin of murdering 18 yakuza.

The strong impact of him being on death row was born out of a want to have the player experience unfamiliar things such as escaping from prison and fleeing. For his boss, his yakuza father, he assumes the role of the villain and shoots dead the management of a rival organisation. He is also a persistent idiot who goes through life in a straightforward manner, both as a yakuza and in love.

When people meet with big difficulties, they want to turn around and flee. They want to avoid direct confrontation with the obstacle before them.

For this reason, Nagoshi wanted to give Saejima "the meaning of confronting things head-on". If he continues clumsily onward, he will surely grasp onto "something" important. It may lead down the road to his success, or perhaps a friend in whom he can trust.

―Persisting through life as an idiot isn't always bad. If you keep pushing on, you will find something important.

The perpetrator of an attack on a rival organisation in the yakuza world. They are prepared to spend many years doing hard labour in prison, even risk their own life, so hardly any management-level members become teppodama. Sometimes when the teppodama is released from prison the organisation itself has collapsed, or changed its policy, and they are unable to return to their former career - it is an extremely risky way for low-ranked yakuza to raise their standing.
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