Originally posted on 20 January 2016
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Destiny of a Dragon

"A chance could come at any point in life" - Akiyama

The Millennium Tower, Kamurocho's landmark. An explosion occurs on its top floor, and 10 billion yen flutters through the sky above the town. The passers-by are shocked, and begin to crawl about, scooping up money... This is a scene shown in RGG1.

"Maybe there was a man whose life was changed by this incident," thought the staff, and one of the new protagonists, Shun Akiyama, was born.

When creating a protagonist other than Kiryu, Nagoshi wanted to put in a man whose occupation was befitting of a red light district. If they featured a man who was a money-lender in a red light district, the player would definitely be able to enjoy something they had never experienced before, such as collecting money. Tying this to the idea of a man whose life was changed by the 10 billion yen incident, Akiyama, a formerly homeless money-lender, was born. Picking up the money that fell by chance from the sky, Akiyama was able to set himself back up as a money lender. He is a man whose life was changed by a sudden miracle.

An important part of what has allowed the Ryu ga Gotoku series to continue for as long as it has has been down to chance meetings and miracles. Kikuchi and Yokoyama, whom he met due to the negative circumstances of the company's restructuring. Uemura, who became a member of the team despite having no experience with promotion. These members are connected now because of unusual situations.

On the other hand, the effort, blood sweat and tears they had each put in, and the staff's tireless work day and night, didn't come from the miraculous meetings alone.

Nagoshi gave "the meaning of a miracle" to Akiyama.

―A chance can come at any point in life. Whether or not that turns into a miracle is down to your own actions.

"The 10 billion yen incident"
The incident around which RGG1's story revolves. 10 billion yen of the money of the Tojo Clan, the largest yakuza organisation in Kanto, vanishes. After Kiryu solves the incident, the money rains down on Kamurocho after the explosion of the top floor of the Millennium Tower, the largest building in town.
Another name for consumer finance. As a lender that offers unsecured loans to customers, interest is set at a high rate. In recent years more and more contracts are signed via machines, but ones at Akiyama's Sky Finance have always been face to face.
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