Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 148-149

Destiny of a Dragon

"Sometimes you discover things by persisting" - Tanimura

The third protagonist is corrupt cop Masayoshi Tanimura, known as "the parasite of Kamurocho".

The idea of a detective acting secretly within Kamurocho was an idea that came to mind comparably easily. Red light districts are areas that naturally have a lot of crime. If the protagonist was a policeman not averse to corruption, the player would be able to see a level deeper into the darkness of a red light district.

What Nagoshi gave to him was "the meaning of persisting".

Tanimura didn't necessarily dream of becoming a policeman. In order to research the truth behind the death of his father, who was a detective, he entered the occupation reluctantly. As he began to understand, with each case he was involved in, the reason why his father aimed to become a policeman, he gradually began to find the job worthwhile.

Not everyone finds a career they like, or something they want to devote their whole life to. There are also people who, like Tanimura, who don't particularly want to do their current job but have no other choice. However, by continuing on persistently, you may get something out of it.

―If you keep going, no matter what it is, someday you will feel something big in return.

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