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09/07/18: So here it is, almost a month in the making: The Silver Case #4.5 "Face" novel is up. I have a couple of misc. interviews with Suda & co. that I'll be doing in the background, upload date currently totally unknown, but otherwise the site is now officially on summer hiatus while I try to survive the G1 Climax as usual. See you in mid August for another dump for that horror game I mentioned back in March. After that I have nothing planned as of yet. Siren manga should still get done during hiatus (I'll try, at least), and I can still be reached by email. Enjoy the summer.

01/03/18: 6th anniversary + a decently-sized drop of Twilight/Moonlight Syndrome content to celebrate (just barely made it in time, so there's a little more to finish and some editing to do, but it should be serviceable). More for another old horror-adventure series planned at some point over the next few months or so. Hopefully also some more Siren at some point Soon™.


26/05/16: Finished and made public the Catherine novel.

25/05/16: Updated the Haunting Ground data site:

This may require a manual clear of your cache to work.

20/01/16: Finally finished a (much-needed) total makeover for the site and completely redid a lot of content, which has been going on since June 2015, hence the lack of content recently. The internal structure of the site has been changed to make it much easier for me to organise content, so most links will probably be broken. Several misc. fixes and general niceness. Added some new content, and found a couple of things that I had missed, which will be added over time. More will be going up over the next couple of months. Please do a ctrl + F5 to make sure that everything is working properly.


23/10/15: Siren manga in progress; doing a large-scale update of the site that will take a while longer, so don't expect much else for a while


18/07/14: Added email to about page
17/07/14: Siren Maniacs complete
13/06/14: Added RSS feed
27/01/14: Multiple ongoing issues and busy-ness so things will be slow for a while more yet; will update when I can


01/10/13: Siren 2 Maniacs begun, shifted Siren to its own page because it's too big now, still going with S1M and the BC archives slowly
10/09/13: Siren Maniacs ongoing here
14/06/13: Went and added the final two chapters of Siren 2's Another Story, though technically they're not 100% finished. Perhaps look out for updates to these later on
07/06/13: Added search box to the main page. Why not try it out?
04/04/13: Added Special section, for projects relating to other games, or just stuff that doesn't categorise


11/03/12: Some small glitches have been corrected; let me know if I broke something. More SnC stuff coming eventually...
07/11/12: Still working on the SnC book, promise
04/10/12: Began working on the Shinku no Chou data book
11/09/12: Updated Spirit Camera CSS and made FF4's sunnier - looks better, right? Also some minor link/Unicode gobbledygook fixes
28/08/12: Zero Novel completed this morning
13/08/12: Zero Novel is now officially over halfway through
19/07/12: Began uploading the Zero Novel (final part of chapter 1 coming soon)
23/06/12: Gave the fanbook its own page and CSS sheet
11/06/12: more (mostly minor) CSS updates (let me know if anything needs changing, is too bright or hard to read); added jump bar to Tamashizume pages to make life easier, and made SC's jump bar prettier
24~25/04/12: layout being updated today/tomorrow
    -Updating done. Let me know if anything is broken or acting strangely.
04/04/12: some fanbook pages up, continuing work on it; some minor aesthetic changes, original post dates added
28/03/12: adding fanbook info to the FF1 & FF2 pages this week
15/03/12: made everything more colourful!
03/03/12: finished transferring pages
01/03/12: site opened
27/01/12: finished Another Story; began work on FF2 mission mode guide
12/01/12: started Another Story
05/01/12: completed work on FF1 guidebook


29/11/11: completed work on FF3 website
27/11/11: completed work on FF1 website
21/11/11: completed work on FF2 website
14/10/11: began project