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Destiny of a Dragon

Ryu ga Gotoku 4 - Successors to the Legend

The story of the legend of four men

The fourth game in the series, going further into the depths of Kamurocho. An exciting drama that intertwines four heroes...


A murder occurs in the sleepless town of Kamurocho. This event, which should be standard fare in a town like this, sets the wheel of fate in motion. A prisoner on death row for murdering 18 yakuza all by himself in the past; a dirty cop known as the "parasite of Kamurocho"; a mysterious money-lender who is said to give loans with no guarantor; and former yakuza Kazuma Kiryu, who has bequeathed the town several legends. When fate brings these four men, who should never have met, together, a miracle occurs.


This game, the fourth in the series, carries the huge change of having four protagonists. This further increased the variety of moves seen in battle. A story in which the fates of four men, each with his own past, complexly intertwine was born.

Big changes can also be observed in the game's setting. The number of places that can be visited - such as the rooftops of abandoned buildings, underground, back alleys and sewers - has greatly increased, allowing you to explore every corner of Kamurocho. Chase battles in which you jump from building to building pack a punch. You can now also hide underground, evading the police, and so forth.

The visuals of the town, a point of particular emphasis throughout the series, have been polished. The crowded buildings as overlooked from a rooftop and the bewitching neon signs twinkling in the rain are a must-see. The game has the most business tie-ups in the series at 38, and Kamurocho is full of the signs and shops of real companies. Play-spots have also evolved. A hot spring has popped up in a corner of town, allowing you to visit the spring and play ping pong. Aside from this, you can spend time with cabaret girls chosen from an audition, or create and raise a fighter to the top, continuing the progression of adult entertainment.

This is the record of a group of passionate men's miracle.

The beginning of a new legend
Release date: 18 March 2010
Cast: Hiroki Narimiya, Maju Ozawa, Kenta Kiritani, Satoshi Tokushige, George Takahashi, Kenichi Endo, Ikki Sawamura, Kinya Kitaoji, Koichi Yamadera, Rikiya Koyama, etc.
Console: PS3
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