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Destiny of a Dragon

Ryu ga Gotoku: Kenzan!

Kiryu Kazumanosuke - otherwise known as Miyamoto Musashi

A spin-off set in Edo-period Kyoto. Swordsman Kiryu Kazumanosuke rushes about the town of Gion!


The year is 1605. A samurai resides in Gion, Kyoto's red light district. This man, who runs Tatsuya - an establishment that will do anything, depending on the reward - is Kiryu Kazumanosuke. He was formerly a swordsman known by the name of Miyamoto Musashi, but for some reason dropped the name. One day, a girl calling herself Haruka appears before him, requesting that Kiryu kill Miyamoto Musashi... What is the past the girl hides? And what is the real reason that Kiryu changed his name and moved to Gion? Here begins the tale of a man who lives as a samurai.


Ryu ga Gotoku: Kenzan! was released as a spin-off of the Ryu ga Gotoku series. Diverging from the main series, which had until this point been based in a modern red light district, the game is set in Edo-period Gion. Also, another big change is the switch to the PlayStation 3. The graphics received a huge upgrade.

Since the setting has changed from the modern day to a historical one, this also created big changed in the fighting style. Sword-fighting was added to the battle system, which is focused around punching and kicking. By switching between swords and moves depending on the situation, you can defeat enemies more efficiently. You can also enjoy masterfully swinging a longsword the same height as he is, and Miyamoto Musashi's symbolic dual-sword style's combo attacks. By training and improving yourself, you can learn new sword techniques. Through this game, the player can polish their sword skills and experience life as a samurai.

The game is set in Gion, Kyoto, in the Edo period. Because of this, play spots and the like are in an Edo-period style. Cabaret girls, one of the series' most popular attractions, appear as courtesans.

As it was released on the PlayStation 3, the characters and scenery are naturally shown using more realistic graphics.The grand townscape of Gion and its beautiful nature are of an impressive quality.

"I want you to kill... Miyamoto Musashi..."

A samurai's way of life
Release date: 6 March 2008
Cast: Shota Matsuda, Susumu Terajima, Masaya Kato, Takashi Tsukamoto, Naoto Takenaka, Hiroki Matsukata, Aya Hisakawa, etc.
Console: PS3
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