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Destiny of a Dragon

Ryu ga Gotoku 2

The true dragon will become an unparalleled legend

Having turned his back on his old way of life, Kiryu is once again dragged into the underworld. What will become of the battle unfolding in an Osakan town?


A year has passed since the conclusion of the 10 billion yen incident. Leaving the world of the yakuza behind him, Kazuma Kiryu lives as an ordinary citizen and leads a happy life with Haruka. Meanwhile, Kansai organisation the Omi Alliance advances on Kanto, preying on the weakened Tojo Clan. To protect the Tojo Clan, Kiryu returns once more to the mad world. Greeting him upon his arrival in Osaka is Ryuji Goda, a man known as the "Dragon of Kansai". Also awaiting him is an encounter with Sayama, a female detective nicknamed "the yakuza-eater".


Whilst retaining the world of the first game, Ryu ga Gotoku 2 evolves to a new level. Leaving the previous setting of Kamurocho, the protagonist roams around an Osakan town. One of the features of the game is its incorporation of romance, which was lacking in the last game. It shows the forbidden love between a female police officer and a former yakuza.

The game unfurls through battling various strong enemies that appear as the story progresses. The battle system has undergone upgrades. The "omnidirectional attack" system, allowing you to perform kicks and punches from all angles, was introduced in this game. There is also an even more abundant amount of heat actions than before. A new element, allowing you to have allies and townsfolk attack alongside you, was added as well, and you can perform heat actions in combination with your partner.

The previous game was set in Tokyo's red light district of Kamurocho, but Osaka was newly added to this game. After the last game receiving praise for its realistic townscape, the game faithfully recreates a town in Osaka. The number of tie-ups with businesses and shops has greatly increased, and so has the realistic quality of the town. There are more than 17 types of play spot. You can now enjoy varying gameplay experiences all over town, such as tournaments in the underground arena, or the running of a cabaret club. Along with the story of the complex entanglement of a group of men, the game should also be recognised as an evolved form of adult entertainment.

"There's only room for one 'true' dragon..."

The curtain rises on a new battle
Release date: 7 December 2006
Cast: Tetsuya Watari, Hiroshi Tachi, Hidekazu Akai, Susumu Terashima, Satoshi Tokushige, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Kei Grant, etc.
Console: PS2
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