Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 144

Destiny of a Dragon

A drama shown from the perspective of men living in Kamurocho

"Let's have someone other than Kazuma Kiryu be playable."

Wanting the player to constantly feel a new sense of surprise, Nagoshi began planning to add multiple protagonists into the next game, Ryu ga Gotoku 4.

There had already been a proposal to have multiple playable characters since RGG1 was in development. But after the first game, featuring Kazuma Kiryu alone, had been such a big hit, it was hard to make big changes in a sequel. At a time when Kenzan! and RGG3 had the technical issue of moving between platforms, the risk of adding more main characters was impossible. Starting when RGG4 came around, the idea of "showing the story from the viewpoints of several men in Kamurocho, a town writhing with desire" took shape.

Men who would create a new legend along with Kiryu. Nagoshi bestowed upon each of them a message he wanted to show.

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