Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 160-161

Destiny of a Dragon

Facing the challenges of expression in games

As each new entry has been added to the series, the public has become more understanding of the depictions of sex and violence in Ryu ga Gotoku. Some people in the gaming industry, however, say that this was able to happen because of Ryu ga Gotoku. They say that it was easier for people to understand since it was a hit game, and were it any other game they wouldn't have understood that these depictions were necessary.

Why are representations in games so easily made the victim of harsh scrutiny? Perhaps it is because games are not viewed as having the same content as books and films.

It should be more widely recognised that, like books, films and TV shows, games are another way of teaching and moving people. If it were, there would likely be more opportunities to engage in spirited discussion about what they show and their screening criteria. Home consoles have gradually become more advanced, now able to show drama that rivals movies. A time when they will be thought about seriously is coming. Aside from being a trailblazer, taking the initiative and tackling the problem is a must.

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