Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 161-162

Destiny of a Dragon

The destiny of raising people

Through this hit, Nagoshi again realised the importance of originality. These days, most games look the same, and people are growing tired of games themselves. In order to restore life to the gaming market once more, there must be a brand new project.

Nagoshi wants to experience a novel game that will completely surprise him. He wants to compete with a serious maker. These are his earnest desires. Sega, too, must raise new, talented people who can hammer out a brand new game.

But in these last few years, few young people want to become producers.

Long ago, when Nagoshi first joined the company, he worked so passionately that those around him were amazed. He gradually began to ask for more and more work, trying out ideas even on his boss. It was because he felt as though he had nothing. He had left his family behind in Shimonoseki and come to Tokyo. Without money, there was nowhere for him to go.

―He had nothing to lose. He would keep aiming higher and higher. This ambition was his driving force.

Young staff these days say, "As long as I get paid, I'm fine." They don't get excited and say that they want more money or prestige. Compared to the past, the company's desire to improve has decreased, and they have lost their hungering mentality.

―There needs to be someone who wants to outdo Nagoshi. Someone with that much ambition would make something amazing.

Finding someone with the talent to create something new, a hit to outdo Ryu ga Gotoku, and raising them. This is another of the destinies with which Nagoshi has been charged.

"Did the eco-boom make men useless?"

"This is just my own little theory, but I wonder if perhaps the "enviro-boom" made men useless. I don't think the concept of the environment needing to be saved for people to survive is in itself bad, but I think maybe it created this strange perception that going after things is bad. Not going after anything new and saving up, saving up. "Being flashy isn't very eco-friendly!", or whatever. I think maybe that viewpoint is one of the causes of men losing their vitality." (Nagoshi)

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