Originally posted on 4 January 2012
Source: Zero Perfect Guide, page 117

Fatal Frame: List of Ghostly Phenomena

"2nd" = second playthrough.

Night Probability Room Details
1 100% Fireplace When you chase "Bro's Shadow" upstairs, you can hear voices chanting Buddhist sutras from the Tatami Room.
1 100% Tatami Room If you look at the candle to the right of the wooden brazier in Finder Mode, it will light up.
1 100% Storehouse The torch flickers. When the ghost draws closer, the flickering increases.
1 100% Storehouse When you first enter, you can hear a rustling sound coming from the space under the middle of the second floor.
1 100% Cherry Atrium When you go up to the window in front of the Doll Room, you can hear a child's voice.
1 50% Forest Path When Miku goes towards the steps in front of Narukami Shrine, a crow flies towards her and crows.
1 100% Backyard When you get close to the well a voice says "Help me", and the lid clatters and shakes.
1 100% Narukami Shrine Before you encounter the Novelist's ghost, blood drips steadily from the ceiling.
1 2nd, 100% Entrance As you walk up the stairs, the candle suddenly flares up.
1 2nd, 100% Fireplace After taking the photo of the lion mask, getting closer to it will cause the mouth to snap shut.
2 30% Lamp Hallway The lamps will suddenly clatter and shake.
2 30% Kimono Room When Miku turns away, the clothing box's lid will suddenly begin to move.
2 100% Moon Observatory A crow-like shadow flies towards the side Miku is on.
2 100% Storehouse When Miku turns away, the lid of the box begins to shake.
2 100% Doll Room When you approach it, the head of the doll on the north side falls off.
2 30% Doll Room When you approach it, the head of the doll on the south side falls off.
2 Always Doll Room The lamp above the Kirie doll shakes.
2 100% Backyard Malice rises from within the well. When you pick up the Blue Carving, it vanishes.
2 100% Doll Room Malice comes from the sliding door. It vanishes after defeating Crawling Girl.
2 100% Library After seeing the ghost in the Kimono Room, if you go to the Lamp Hallway you can hear a child's footsteps.
2 100% Fireplace Before Clock Boy appears, you can hear the clock ticking.
2 100% Fireplace After defeating Clock Boy, a temari ball rolls down the stairs.
2 100% Walkway After seeing the folklorist's ghost, you can hear a knocking on the wall in front of the crevice.
2 100% Walkway 2F After seeing the folklorist's ghosts, you can hear the sound of a koto.
2 100% Koto Room After getting the key, when you get closer to it, sound comes from the gramophone.
2 100% Rope Hallway After getting the Angry Mask, a rope will suddenly swing down towards you.
2 100% Buddha Room At the same time as the folklorist's ghost appears, the four candles light up at once.
2 100% Rubble Room A large rumble comes from the centre of the room, and the whole room shakes violently.
3 100% Demon Mouth As you climb the ladder, an earthquake occurs.
3 30% Entrance The candle by the entrance steps. When you get close to it, it suddenly flares up.
3 100% Cherry Atrium When you descend from the deck, there is thunder.
3 10% (repeats) Cherry Atrium When you go near the cherry tree, thunder peals.
3 100% Rubble Room There is rumbling. Until you break the seal of the Crushed Woman, the rumbling continues.
3 100% Buddha Room When you enter the room, you can hear voices that seem to be chanting Buddhist sutras.
3 100% Backyard When you go near the well, thunder peals.
3 100% Burial Room Only during battle, when you go near it, the bone box shakes.
3 100% Banned Path An earthquake occurs.
Final 50% Lamp Hallway When you go near it, the candle suddenly flares up.
Final 100% Hell Bridge An earthquake occurs.
2, 3 20% (repeats) Buddha Room You can hear bells coming from the centre of the room.
2, 3, Final Always Entrance Malice flows from the hole in the floor.
All Always Rope Hallway The ropes swing slowly. When a ghost gets closer, the swinging is intensified.
All 20% (repeats) Walkway When you get close to the narrow crevice, there is the sound of knocking on the wall.
All 10% Fishtank Room Instead of water droplets, blood falls. It changes the water in the room to a deep red.