Originally posted on 21 November 2011
Last edited on 9 January 2016
Source: Official site

Fatal Frame: The Biggest Highlight of a Horror Game

I gave a single proposition to Fatal Frame's cutscene team: "How do we make a scary scene?" Something invisible drawing near, an unexpected shock, a frightful ritual - the game is crammed full of ever conceivable kind of fear. This is, of course, the lifeblood of a horror game. We finetuned each character's expressions and movements, and even details like sound to give them a sense of presence, until we had created something acceptable.

Strangely enough, when all you do is create scary scenes day in and day out, your sense of scariness becomes dulled. There were times near the end of development where I was forced to remake cenes because something I had thought was scary was met with a burst of laughter by everyone else, or the producer said no to a scene I had confidently made because it was too brutal. The game was made by overcoming these troubles. Please get a taste of Fatal Frame's fear.

Manabu Nagasaki (movie team)