Originally posted on 22 March 2012
Source: Zero Perfect Guide, page 35

Fatal Frame: Points Calculation

Formula for calculating points
Points = base score x multipliers

Method of calculating points from ghosts

The formula for calculating how many points you will obtain by photographing a ghost is "points = base score x multipliers". Simply put, by meeting a number of conditions you can increase the amount of points you get. Those conditions are detailed below.

Base score is charge level x 25

Your base score is charge level multiplied by 25. Simply put, your charge level is the state you're in when you photograph the ghost. The types are detailed in the chart below. For example, if your camera's maximum charge is at level 4 and you have the special function "Zero" equipped, and combine that with taking a Zero Shot, Close Shot and Core Shot of the ghost, your charge level will be 23. This multiplied by 25 makes a base score of 575. By also taking the shot as you deal the final blow on the ghost, there is a special addition relating to how much damage you inflict with relation to the ghost's remaining HP.

Charge level Modifier
Normal charge 1~12
Charge up to maximum +2
Shutter Chance +4
Close Shot +1
Core Shot +1
Special Function "Zero" equipped +3

The more modifiers the better

There are 9 types of modifier, as described below. Just like base score, meeting the conditions increases the multiplier. For example, if your base score is 575, combining a Zero Shot and Core Shot would give you 575 x 1.8 x 2.1 x 1.3 x 1.6, making a score of 9041 spirit points. Try to go for lots of multipliers when you take photos.

Modifier type Modifier value/description
Distance modifier Modification value is 0.8 ~ 1.8 Rises as you get closer to the ghost. Close Shot is x1.8.
Centre modifier Modification value is 0.5 ~ 2.1. A Core Shot is x2.1.
Ghost's state of flicker modifier Modification value is 0.5 ~ 1.2. Rises the more clearly visible the spirit is.
Maximum charge modifier Charge level at the time of shooting affects the modifier. Effect increases with each level. Lv1: 1.4, Lv2: 1.6, Lv3: 1.8, Lv4: 2.0.
Zero shot bonus Modification value is 1.3 Added when taking a Zero Shot.
Auxiliary Function bonus Added when dealing the final blow. Amount changes with each function. "Pressure": 1.3, "See": 1.2, "Slow": 1.1, "Paralyse": 0.9.
Double Shot bonus Modification value is 1.3. Added when taking a Double Shot.
Triple Shot bonus Modification value is 1.6. Added when taking a Triple Shot.