Originally posted on 16 March 2012
Source: Zero Perfect Guide, page 4-5

Fatal Frame: Introduction

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An important person to me.
Mafuyu Hinasaki.
My brother.

Since my mother, who always smiled kindly at me, passed away, he's been my only family.

The thing I hate...
Our special power.
We can see impossible things.

Even if I told other people about that power...
They wouldn't believe me.

My brother was chasing after that man

My brother has a benefactor - a novelist called Junsei Takamine.
Mr. Takamine vanished while he was travelling for research.
Recently, my brother contacted me to let me know that he had figured out Takamine's route,
and since then I've been looking forward to Mafuyu coming home.

However, my contact with Mafuyu ended there.

What if something happened to him...?
Based upon the note he left,
I left to search for him.

The secret between us, just my brother and I...
This is Himuro Mansion... the story begins here...