Originally posted on 23 February 2012
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Fatal Frame: Character Introduction

The people, guided by fate, who visit Himuro Mansion.

Miku Hinasaki

The game's protagonist. Since she carries the blood of the Hinasakis, a family said to have a strong sixth sense, she can see things that others can't. Because of this, she has never been able to fit in and only opens up to her brother. When her brother goes missing, having lost all of her family, she uses a note he left behind as a clue and visits Himuro Mansion, where the story is set.

Mafuyu Hinasaki

Miku's older brother, and the only person who knows of her abilities and understands her. After losing their parents, he was left as Miku's only family. Going after the missing Takamine he visits Himuro Mansion... He, too, has inherited spiritual abilities from his mother, and can use the Camera Obscura to seal spirits.

Junsei Takamine

A mystery novelist. He is a benefactor of Miku's brother, Mafuyu, both personally and professionally. He was a bestselling author, but lately has been caught in a slump. Having interest in an old ritual that is said to have been performed at Himuro Mansion he heads there to conduct research, but contact with him is lost and he is declared missing.

Tomoe Hirasaka

Takamine's assistant. She goes missing whilst conducting research at Himuro Mansion with Takamine and Ogata. She has a strong sixth sense, and has a bad feeling about the research at Himuro Mansion.

Koji Ogata

Takamine's editor. He accompanies Takamine, at the same time conducting research for a horror magazine he writes, and goes missing. His correspondence with the editing department was the last time the three were head from.