Originally posted on 16 March 2012
Source: Zero Perfect Guide, page 6-7

Fatal Frame: Introduction

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Miku Hinasaki
雛咲 深紅
ひなさき みく

A 17-year-old student, the protagonist of the game. She has a strong sixth sense, which runs in her family, that allows her to see things others cannot. Because of this ability, she finds it difficult to open up frankly to her friends; the only person she can open her heart to his her older brother, Mafuyu, who possesses the same ability as she does. One day, her brother goes missing. Going by the note he left, she heads to Himuro Mansion.

Junsei Takamine
高峰 準星
たかみね じゅんせい

A 42-year-old mystery novelist. He helped Mafuyu out in many respects with regards to work after he lost his mother. He goes to Himuro Mansion with Ogata and Hirasaka to conduct research for his next work. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Tomoe Hirasaka
平坂 巴
ひらさか ともえ

Takamine's assistant, 28 years old. She has a sixth sense not at quite the level of Miku's, and had quite a bad feeling about the research at Himuro Mansion. Eventually, she went with Takamine and Ogata, and did indeed go missing.

Koji Ogata
緒方 浩二
おがた こうじ

A 32-year-old magazine editor. He was the one who informed Takamine of the rituals of Himuro Mansion, and went along with him. "Leaving for research" was the last contact he made with the editing department, before all contact broke off.