Originally posted on 14 October 2011
Last edited on 9 January 2016
Source: Official site

Fatal Frame: Things Paid Attention to in Miku's Movement

The main character's movements are the thing that the player sees the most frequently, so if they are done halfway or strangely exaggerated then after two or three days you'll start feeling like something is off. With "natural" as our watchword, we redid them over and over. When talking about motions for moving around, speed and running form are key. It would be weird to run speedily through a spooky mansion; on the other hand, being too slow will stress you out.

We really worked hard to set the speed to a level that would be scary without stressing the player out. However, I think the hardest thing of all was walking up and down stairs. We normally go up and down stairs without really thinking about it. When the time came for us to make it... something was weird. Some minor detail wasn't right. It wasn't natural at all... so I tried it out for myself over and over using the emergency stairs. Climbing and coming down, going down and then climbing... I also observed how people used the steps at the station (laughs).

Katsumasa Shimizu (designer)