Originally posted on 20 October 2011
Last edited on 9 January 2016
Source: Official site

Fatal Frame: Black and White

The two colours mentioned in the title play a fairly important role in this game. This is because the images were created with a concept in mind: white is light - hope - and black is darkness - fear.

At the start of development, we spent quite a lot of time finetuning the black (ie the darkness) areas of the screen and the areas with faintly glowing lights. If it was too bright then the player would feel at ease, and if it was too dark then it would be too difficult to play, so a lot of care was paid to getting the balance right.

At first I thought that all I had to do was make it dark, but honestly that wasn't the darkness that the director was looking for, and it wasn't scary, either.

I carefully adjusted the material values for the background and character models, playing around with the accompanying textures' shadows and saturation, trying to figure out how to make the dark areas effective.

Ultimately, by intentially creating gloom and darkness that stirs up unease we achieved a balance between light and dark, with the single faint white of hope that I had initially imagined coming from Miku's torch, alongside the fearful black of the surrounding darkness making it seem like something unknown could be lurking there.

Perhaps there is something you can't see lurking in the darkness of halfway corners that you pass by as you play without noticing.

I hope you take the time to enjoy this contrast horror.

Jin Hasegawa (CG team)