Originally posted on 23 November 2011
Last edited on 9 January 2016
Source: Official site

Fatal Frame: Pursuit of Beauty

In many ways this was a title that involved a lot of trial and error, but out of everything, one of the things we disagreed upon the most was how to show the ghosts. After all, the subject was ghosts, something that's quite vague and difficult to define, and everyone had their own, slightly differing ideas about how they should be portrayed, so first of all we argued about this until we decided upon a basic objective to head for. Even after we had to an extent decided upon the form we were to aim towards, we had to tweak and redo the effects over and over again.

After spending time and effort putting several effects together and thinking that their appearance and finally begun to take shape, the effects on the ghosts and the effects on the screen came into conflict and caused slowdown, so we had no choice but to yet again reconsider things. It really was a succession of hardships.

As a result, I think that we ended up with something beautiful (!?) that combines everyone's own subtle nuances.

If you happen to find yourself with even the slightest respite from the approaching fear, please also take a look at their beauty.

Toshiyuki Takasaki (programmer)