Originally posted on 28 August 2012
Zero Novel: Chapter 4-3

We returned to our average everyday lives. My sister and I went back to Tokyo, and lived there together. I continued to work as a novice journalist. Miku, who would soon be a third year in high school, was looking for a university, and now had good friends to talk to as well as me.

After the incident, the biggest change was that our sixth senses completely disappeared. We led busy lives, forgetting all about it. But sometimes, on sleepless nights, I thought of it. Was the Hell Gate part of Kitaike's delusion, or a real thing? If, perhaps, it were real, would it really be closed without a Rope Shrine Maiden?

And then, one day, I got a call about work. It was from an editor who had often offered me work: "How about doing a game novelisation?"

As I thought somewhat complicated thoughts, Miku arrived home. Saying 'Please wait a moment' I covered the receiver and asked Miku about it. "It's a call about work. Asking me to novelise a game."

But Miku, looking like she was wondering why I was asking her these things, brightly said, "Isn't that great? Good luck!"

I immediately agreed to the job. The next day, as I was going to the game company for a meet-up, Miku saw me off with a smile. The meet-up was at Ichigaya station. I was headed for the office, about a ten minute walk from there. It was true that I was a little nervous, but it was because I was meeting the producer for the very first time.

"Actually, the game we want you to novelise is a Japanese horror," said the producer.

I was silent, and didn't answer. "Ah, how rude of me. We haven't even exchanged business cards. Nice to meet you," the producer said, holding out his card. Written on it was 'Keisuke Himuro'.

"Excuse me, but is this your real name?" I asked, wiping away a sudden cold sweat.

"Of course it is - why do you ask?"


"Ahh. I see that the disgraceful behaviour of my family member has been exposed. As a branch family member, he wanted to distinguish himself... But I am of the main family, and I won't fail this time. I won't."

Mr. Himuro looked at me and grinned broadly.


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