Originally posted on 9 July 2018
The Silver Case, Case #4.5 "Face": Afterword

Scars engraved upon the soul, and salvation from them. Those were the things I was thinking about when I wrote this story. It's a mystery as to how that ended up turning into a bloody tale of a serial murderer, though.

A little while ago, my impression of the phrase "salvation of the heart" was a bit more like something otherworldly. I mean, for example, like an angel's feather falling from the sky, or botamochi falling from a shelf (well, maybe not quite like that). Lately, though, I've been wondering if maybe it's not much like that at all.

For some examples, again, take those faded, worn-out jeans that have lost their shape and become uncool, but are familiar and comfortable and easy to wear. Or a worn-out blanket you can wrap yourself in when it gets cold. Maybe it's those sorts of things you can find just about anywhere, as long as you feel it.

In any case, if you think about it in too exaggerated of a manner you could potentially end up getting into something weird, which is dangerous. If an angel's feather suddenly fell from the sky and obscured your vision it could cause an accident, and that botamochi someone put away on the shelf ages ago will definitely be all mouldy by now.

Now then, let's talk about the story.

This is basically a novelisation of a PS game called The Silver Case. However, the case featured in this novel is an original one. In terms of the in-game timeline, it takes place right before the final chapter, Case #5.

While it does use things from the game, such as details about the past, I wrote it (or at least tried to write it) so that you could understand what is going on well enough from the book alone, so if you haven't played the game yet, or haven't bought it, please do read the book. I especially recommend it to people who like lots of blood, knives, and suspense.

Of course, buying the game and this book and enjoying both is the most beautiful thing, and will make you all happy - in all sorts of ways. I hope you enjoy leaving behind reality even if for a little while and experiencing the thrills and tension of an extraordinary world.

And finally, some words of gratitude to everyone at Grasshopper Manufacture and ASCII who helped me, as well as my editor. Thank you all very much.

Written at the start of October, as things begin to grow very autumnal,
Naoko Korekata

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