Originally posted on 1 March 2018
Source: Truth Files, page 72-86

Moonlight Syndrome: The Hinashiro High Mutilations

Deception, perversion, savagery and madness. Degeneration. The work of a demon.

The girls were at the scene of the crime

There isn't much to say.

Too many reports have been made on the subject already. The string of incidents surrounding Hinashiro High have become household knowledge. But so much of the information about the case has had the media's own interpretations tacked on, consumed by the people, and will likely be forgotten after they have been led to a conclusion that calms the masses - just like what's happened with so many shocking incidents before it.

Such a grotesque crime isn't the type of thing one should be writing reams of conjecture about, but I will record the facts that led up to its occurrence.

A group of female students who attended the school were involved in the resolution of the case. The trio's names are Yukari Hasegawa, Chisato Itsushima and Arisa Kahara.

That night, a murder occurred inside the biology classroom at Hinashiro High. Miho Katsuragi, a second-year student at the school, was stabbed with a knife. The other three students were searching the school for her that night. Arisa Kahara opened the classroom door after hearing a commotion, and there she found Miho Katsuragi, collapsed on the floor, and Yuji Hirose, the school's chemistry teacher.

Hirose, seeming out of it, is said to have instructed Arisa Kahara to call for an ambulance. Arisa Kahara however, overcome by the bizarre situation, backed away as if attempting to flee.

Hirose seems to have thought that he was suspected of having committed the murder, sidling over to her. At that moment, a police officer who had been on guard duty at the school burst into the classroom. Sighting Miho Katsuragi lying on the floor beside Hirose, he warned him to freeze and trained his gun on the man. But when Hirose began to totter towards him, he shot him down.

Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima rushed into the biology room. Peering into the biology prep room, they saw a girl's school uniform, a wig, and a yellow rucksack. Hirose had been dressing up as a woman to camouflage himself as he carried out his crimes, or so it seemed.

Arisa Kahara went into shock, and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The killer was Yuji Hirose, the man shot dead.

For a while, this was the accepted conclusion. The night grew late, turning to early morning, and the police personnel withdrew from the crime scene. But Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima remained unsatisfied, and decided to return to the school building.

This was a truly drastic measure. The girls thought that it was all too neat and tidy to be true.

Another answer was out there.

The unfolding nightmare witnessed with their own eyes

Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima searched the school together. They arrived at the headmaster's office, where they discovered an elevator concealed within a pillar.

They rode it. The floor above the headmaster's office was a hidden control room.

Looking like the control room of a TV station, the room allowed one to control the various hidden cameras scattered all over the school and monitor the footage they relayed. All of the everyday scenes of Hinashiro High were torn away, replaced by information, and you could sit there and inspect it all.

In this room, the two girls found a list of measurements for the second-year girls.

Getting back into the elevator, the girls took it down to the basement.

This time, the room they found resembled a surgical theatre. The air smelled of disinfectant. In the corner of the room was a large industrial freezer. Yukari Hasegawa opened the door.

I'm sure she must have been baffled at first. Something had been preserved inside glass jars inside. The glass was fogged by the chill, and it was impossible to tell what was inside. One of them had a label with a name written on it.

Miki Kosaka...

After seeing this, Chisato Itsushima approached something else further inside the room. Something had been installed there.

A body. A woman's body. It had been pulled together from different human body parts.

There were a dozen separate parts, such as limbs, a torso and head, which had all been taken from different dismembered bodies. Not only that, but they were joined together to form a single female body, a creation sewn together to resemble a Frankenstein.

It was the high school girl who had burned herself and Sumio Tohba to their deaths at the Lost Highway club.

Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima returned to the headmaster's office, trying to flee from the scene of this dreadful nightmare. There, the two encountered the school's headmaster, Soichiro Mitani. In his hand, the headmaster held a weapon. Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima struggled to open the locked door of the headmaster's office.

At that moment, cracks ran through the pillar in the centre of the room and the floor collapsed.

As the pair watched on, the headmaster tumbled along with the rubble.

(Monthly CTRL)

What should we think and feel?

Some of the crazed actions of this man, the crimes he committed, continue to be reported on incessantly by the media.

Before even half a day had passed, all sorts of information was doing the rounds like a sudden devastating gust, seeping into the people's everyday lives and beginning to settle like background noise as they spread baseless rumours, speculation, conjecture and misunderstandings.

The sensational nature of the case and its dramatic conclusion are what spark the public's interest so much. Perhaps deliberately emphasising the bizarre nature of the incident even makes them feel a sense of catharsis, and they take pleasure in it.

But why does it piss me off so much? It's almost like we're afraid to find out what the true form of real abnormality looks like. Is this all the truth really amounts to?

We still don't know for sure just how many of the high school girls have died or been killed. There are other girls from the school missing aside from the four who died in quick succession. They all appear to be second-year students.

Officially, the surviving girls are keeping schtum. They make some superficial comments for the cameras and microphones, but I highly doubt that they represent their true thoughts.

They're still afraid.

After all, each and every one of them was viewed as parts.

Those hidden cameras must have been watching all of the girls of Hinashiro High for a long, long time, ruthlessly impartial. It sounds as though the headmaster knew each of the students' names. Was it out of something like love, crazed though it may have been? And now that the facts of the case have emerged, the girls have been made aware of the twisted intentions born from madness inside his mind.

The clear truth has been outed: someone was constantly watching them, keeping tabs on them and using them as tools to fulfil his desires.

What happened to the souls of the girls who were murdered? I heard one of the students mutter.

What happens to the souls of people whose bodies are cut up, torn apart, then partially combined with the parts of a dozen others? Surely no one knows. How could they? All we can do is feel sorry for them.

It's sort of like a prayer, and neither the girls nor the rest of us know what other words we could possibly offer to the dead on their journey.

Even still, everyone thinks that it's all at an end for now at least.

The killer is dead.

It was a terrible thing, but now it's all over, and we can let out a sigh of relief. We can carry on with our lives as normal. But the unease doesn't go away. It's impossible to shake it off entirely.

The remaining girls are still thinking about it. Somewhere deep down, they want to scream.

The girls are cloaked in a sense of emptiness.

Look at us.
We aren't just parts.
We want to be loved by someone with an honest heart.
Don't cut us up.
Don't tear us apart.
Don't sew us together.
Stop finding pleasure in it.
Don't hate us.
Don't defile us!

It's the ones who look at this case with a snicker who are the perpetrators. They are the infinite beings of us and you. Those high school girls will continue to be hurt by it forever.

(Maicho Weekly)

I don't need love anymore

I'm not kidding; we really can't stand it anymore. Wherever we go, we can feel their eyes on us. Walking around town, at home, even in the bathroom. We can't relax and be ourselves anywhere. They're watching us, tearing us apart with their eyes. They're ogling us. It's the creepiest feeling. It makes me think, go fuck yourselves! I wanna get revenge. You can't mend a relationship like that. You guys just toy with us more and more and more, and when we notice it's over. We know all about it.

You're right there, aren't you?

(Supplementary Rumour Review)

Interview memos and personal notes - 9

We'll never know now whether Mr. Hirose, the teacher who was shot and killed, was totally innocent. It's also suspicious for the police officer to have arrived at the biology room and shot Hirose with such good timing. Was he in cahoots with the headmaster? Maybe this means that we can't put too much trust in the police as a whole?

Including those who were killed by the headmaster and those who died somehow, almost all of the girls who are said to be missing were apparently acquaintances of Mika Kishii.

I still don't know what that means.

We still have no proof that Mika Kishii is dead. Her whereabouts remain completely unknown.

Is Mika Kishii the key to all of this? We have evidence showing that the headmaster was obsessed with her, too. The uniform and rucksack found inside the biology room were made to look like hers.

The Mika Kishii that Miyuki Yoshida, who died at the observatory, testified to having seen at the school at night was probably the headmaster in disguise.

It was he who killed Kazuki Aihara in the chemistry room and tossed her out of the window, too. Why did the headmaster have to dress up as Mika Kishii?

The head of the body made from a combination of parts belonged to Kimika Takahashi, indicating that several of the incidents that occurred within Hinashiro were connected after all.

It's like what happened at the Lost Highway, or perhaps the death of Kyoko Kazan, pulled the trigger that led us to this conclusion.

Arisa Kahara seems to be in good spirits. Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima are both in shock, but not in particularly terrible states. They're strong-willed girls.

They, too, are worried about what might be happening to Mika Kishii.