Originally posted on 1 March 2018
Source: Truth Files, page 62-66

Moonlight Syndrome: Accidental Death of High School Girl at Observatory

A series of high school girls' deaths. The trap of a meticulous curse.

A third death: the events of a moonlit night

Shockingly, another female student has died on the grounds of Hinashiro High. That makes three. Not only that, but a murder only occurred three days ago. This can't be serious. Something has gone completely crazy.

The scene of the crime this time was the observatory on the school grounds. She apparently died after becoming caught in the actuator of the telescope. She was a second-year student.

The first person to discover the body was a fellow student from the third year. She immediately contacted the police. There was a lunar eclipse recently, and the dead second-year supposedly stayed at the school until late every evening to observe it. The day before her death, she was questioned by the police about the prior murder.

The third-year student who discovered the body told me that she had seen the dead girl at the observatory on the day before, too.

"With what's been happening lately, the teachers have been going on about us going straight home, but I can only do my observations at night, so I'll be staying no matter what they say," she apparently said at the time. They didn't seem to be particularly familiar with each other.

When she discovered the body, the third-year said she had been visiting the observatory and found it deserted. As she was about to leave, she happened to notice blood on the floor. Upon looking up, she saw someone sandwiched in the actuator above and notified the police. It was already too late for the second-year.

"I was panicking, but honestly I also thought, what, again? I still have this really awful feeling," she told me.

The school have yet to release a statement. They might just leave this one as an accident and say nothing more on it. The media are in a frenzy, though. A series of deaths of girls at Hinashiro High - whatever the school try to say, the air of suspicion won't go away.

(Maicho Weekly)

Interview memos and personal notes - 8

The girl who died at the observatory was Miyuki Yoshida, a second-year. It concerns me that all of the dead are from the second year.

The first to find the body was Yukari Hasegawa. She was asking around the school, along with Arisa Kahara, about the missing Mika Kishii. Miyuki Yoshida, the dead girl, apparently claimed to have seen Mika Kishii at the school at around 10PM.

Yukari Hasegawa was in shock at the death of Kazuki Aihara, too. They were apparently together up until the evening on the day she was killed asking about Mika Kishii.

No one has found any trace of Mika Kishii so far.

If we believe the testimony of Miyuki Yoshida, then she must have seen Mika Kishii at the school on the same day and almost the exact same time as Kazuki Aihara was murdered.

Was Mika Kishii really at the school that night?

Miyuki Yoshida had seemingly told this to the police, too. Maybe they're trying to figure out where Mika Kishii is, too.