Originally posted on 1 March 2018
Source: Truth Files, page 58-60

Moonlight Syndrome: Incident During Demolition of Old Gym

Perhaps as a harbinger of tragedy, like some sort of human sacrifice, an accident occurred.

Death is accepted by someone

At first, the news didn't say it outright, and I ended up hearing about it as a rumour from the students of Hinashiro High. It seems like this was due to a delay related to the question between the school and the workmen about where the blame lay. The first story I heard about it went, "A student was apparently found dead inside the old gym. The one who died is someone from the second year, and police were investigating the scene."

It appeared in the morning newspaper on the day after the accident. During the demolition of the old gym at Hinashiro High, a girl who attended the school was found dead inside the gym, pinned under a fallen steel beam.

There's no doubt that this was an accident, but no one knows hat a student was doing inside the gym while it was being pulled down. There was no school that day, and access to the grounds was prohibited.

Hinashiro has seen more than its share of suicides lately, but I can't see someone do it in such a complex manner as this. Aside from that, I personally get the strong feeling that it's finally happened, and not just that, but within Hinashiro High itself.

The way I write this makes it sound almost like I had some sort of premonition, but if you'd been following the things happening in Hinashiro for as long as I have, anyone would start to expect it. It's a feeling.

In actual fact, none of the students at Hinashiro High seem particularly surprised. They must be in shock, of course, but that simply means that they are dealing with the death of a person they knew. That, and perhaps they sense a sort of gradually approaching pressure.

These are the sorts of things the students say.

"She's dead, isn't she? I've known about Miki [the dead student] for a while now. Anything strange about her lately? Nothing in particular, I don't think. She always was a timid sort of person, though. Maybe she was depressed once in a while, but that was normal, I guess."

"It's like, oh, Miki got got? We were in the same class, though, so it feels close to home. Getting got means she's dead. I don't know what she was doing in a gym that was being pulled down, but I don't think this would ever have happened if she'd been aware of the risk. So careless."

Is it imprudent to write these things down? But these are honest impressions. If nothing else, they're at least surely more honest than the adults who are trying to pass the blame off on each other.

(Weekly Nightflyer)

Like a meticulously-prepared riddle

After 2AM, on my way home from the convenience store, a high school girl appeared who said she'd met her. Apparently, she had passed by the student who died in the accident at the gym being demolished on the night before the incident.

"I knew it was her right away, but she completely ignored me. Something was weird about it. I guess something seemed off about her? She looked out of it. Thinking about it now, I wonder if she'd been sniffing glue, but it felt different from that. Something more serious, or like she was brooding over something. She wasn't like how she normally is. I called out to her but she didn't respond at all, so I was kind of freaked out and left her alone."

It's a story that you can't help but find a little eerie. A well-informed source close to the police has also revealed that there was apparently something suspicious about the body of the dead student.

"It seems as though the body was in a horrible state after being completely crushed by a steel beam. It looks like it was dug out from under the rubble. But part of the recovered body is missing. It's possible that the part was severed when she was crushed to death, possibly squashed between two beams. The authorities are perplexed."

Part of the body is missing? This brings back memories of a prior incident that occurred within Hinashiro. Wasn't there talk that the head of the student who committed suicide by fire at the club was missing? (Since then, there has been no confirmation as to whether or not the body had its head, or where it may be.)

Is this a sign? I don't see how there could possibly be any relation between the two incidents and this accident, however. Each time I dig, something comes out. The things that happen in Hinashiro are always like this. Some part of it is always shrouded in a vague darkness.

(Supplementary Rumour Review)

Interview memos and personal notes - 6

Miki Kosaka, the one who died in the accident, was a classmate of the missing Mika Kishii. According to another classmate of theirs, Kazuki Maejima, Mika Kishii and Miki Kosaka weren't particularly close, but were apparently friendly enough to regularly converse with each other.

Miki Kosaka was frequently absent from school, and had recently been bunking off a lot.

I must admit that this simply makes it more suspicious for her to go all the way to school on a day off despite this. Or what if she was called there by someone and caught in a cunning trap? Why can't I shake off these misgivings?

If pushed for an answer, people would say that she was a quiet student. This accident feels like the easiest sacrifice to create was chosen from the very outset.

What was Miki Kosaka doing out late at night before the incident? The accident occurred after 11AM - could this mean that she spent the entire night when she apparently passed by a friend outside before going to the school?

Miki Kosaka's mother denied that she had been out on the night before the accident. It seems to me, however, that she simply didn't know.

It appears as though the information claiming that part of Miki Kosaka's body couldn't be located was correct. This seems like something quite shocking, although the rest of the media don't seem to be particularly interested in this specific detail.

Whatever the cause, and even if the body's injuries are severe, doesn't it seem quite unnatural for part of the body to have vanished in this case?

The part of Miki Kosaka's body that's missing is apparently the left arm from the elbow down.