Originally posted on 1 March 2018
Source: Deep Guide, page 76-80

Moonlight Syndrome: Unused Characters

Scenario: 呪力

Kazuya Kitamura

Yukari's boyfriend who appeared in Twilight Syndrome. After finishing his training to be a teacher at Hinashiro High, he is now a teacher at Meiryo Private High School. "呪力" was the scenario with the most intense content. He is a helpless bystander in its story. His helplessness is a proposition in opposition to the game's pseudo-freedom. I wanted to portray Yukari and Kazuya's private lives in 呪力, and had planned to include a depiction of sexual content.

Toshiki Fuwa

Ryojun's rival. He has been pursuing Ryojun since middle school. Even after creating a group, he constantly battles loneliness. He leaves this world whilst dreaming of Ryojun's friendship.

Tokio Kusakabe

A man who has always been protected by Ryojun. However, his secret feelings towards Megumi, his hopes and everything else have been stolen from him by Ryojun. His hatred leads to the birth of Hyper Tokio. He is in complete contrast with Ryojun, the fragility of his mind creating a supernatural power.

Ryojun Hamura

The captain of the baseball team and, to Tokio, a dazzlingly blessed person. However, his intimate relationship with Megumi causes a tragedy. The scenario writer spoke to me about wanting to make 呪力's story similar to that of School Wars. Ryojun's role here is that of Yuki Matsumura, who helps out Aesop, a frail boy. However, behind his tough exterior is a surprising weak side.

Megumi Sakurai

The manager of the baseball team. She is a deeply affectionate woman who lives on her feelings for Ryojun alone. She is even jealous of Ryojun and Tokio's friendship, and absolutely loathes Tokio. Unable to suppress her emotions, Megumi stabs Tokio.

Hyper Tokio

Tokio's dark side. He exists purely on his hatred for Ryojun, using his power to make strange things happen to Megumi. This is the character I regret not releasing most. I think he would have been filled with an even more impulsive malice than Mithra. He uses his left arm gun (psycho gun) to excitedly murder people. He comes and goes between dreams and reality, hunting with the same finesse as Freddie. He is, of course, modelled on Sid Vicious.

Kaori Mitsui

Toshiki's girlfriend. After he is stabbed, she flees without even trying to help.

Mitsuru Ito

Toshiki's friend (underling). He turns his back on Toshiki and turns Nozomu and Satoru against him. He attacks the absentminded Toshiki in the central district.

Nozomu Kurashige

Toshiki's friend (underling).

Satoru Abe

Toshiki's friend (underling).

Scenario: 業固

Punks King, Club, Dia

Punks who pick a fight with Kanae and Masami and are taken out by Kanae. They are based on Alex's team from A Clockwork Orange.

Kanae Saito

Yelled at and abused by her father, she plans to slit her wrists. Along with the blood pours out an intense grudge, the karma solidifying and taking a human form, becoming a butcher. She has a depressed and very introverted personality. She is a classmate of Mika's, but has no real friends, with Rumi simply worrying about her. Watched over by Zengo, she vanishes.

Masami Yoshii

Kanae's boyfriend, but he treats her like an object and only sees her as an object of his sexual desires. He loses his temper easily, but is weak. The ultimate loser.

Kyozo Saito

Kanae's father. He used to be a super elite salaryman, but fell victim to corporate restructuring due to the effects of the recession. He was unpopular due to his overbearing work, and lost his job. He turned his frustrations on his daughter, which has progressed from violence to sexual abuse. With these actions as a trigger, Kanae's karma takes form, and he falls into this Kanae's hands.

Zenko Kahara

The elder brother of Arisa, who appears in the game. Taking the same occupation as Aramata, he is a self-proclaimed scholar of the psychic. He is treated as a third-rate talent, just about managing to get by in ways such as appearing on late night TV variety shows. He is awkward and a little stubborn, an anachronism who is incapable of riding a wave. He is also an idiot of a big brother who dotes upon Arisa. I considered putting him into Henshitsu many times, but it never ended up working out.

Kazuya Kitamura and Zenko Kahara were planned to be involved even in the epilogue, too, as joint leads. Zenko was regretful in particular, since his CG rendering was about 70% complete. By the way, Kazuya and Zenko were supposed to appear in the opening, too. It's a shame that the scenarios were cut midway through development.

Scenario: 生膿

Tatsuya Aihara

A third-rate DJ who is past his peak. Clinging to the past, he hangs around the diner owned by the bartender, an old friend of his. Attracted to Miwa Misaki, he tries to figure out the mystery surrounding her, and gets caught up in the incident with Arisa Kahara. Tatsuya was also attracted to Miho. Miho takes over his body, and he is shot by the hitman and pulled into the darkness by Miwa - just like Ryo and Mika...

Miwa Misaki

Miho Misaki is the same being as her (sister). In reality, she is created from a tumour in Miwa's body.

Shintaro Kazami

The chairman of a major company. He is Miwa Misaki's father, and also the person who knows the secret of her birth. He tries to have Tatsuya Aihara, who sniffs around Miwa, taken care of.


Hired by Shintaro Kazami.


An old friend of Tatsuya Aihara's, and the owner/barman of Diner King. Arisa Kahara is a regular customer of his. He actually also appears in Mowdei. Pay attention to the bar counter in the club Lost Highway! He is modelled on Eric Cantona.