Originally posted on 1 March 2018
Source: Deep Guide, page 6-16

Moonlight Syndrome: Characters

Mika Kishii

●Second year student at Hinashiro High/protagonist

The protagonist of the story. She is incredibly curious, leading to her frequently becoming wrapped up in incidents. More than once, her life has been endangered.

Formerly a prototypical trend-obsessed teen who loved anything popular, Mika has recently begun to have doubts about herself since meeting Yukari and Chisato. What changes will her meeting with Ryo cause to her?

Ryo Kazan

●Shadow protagonist

The other protagonist of the story. He is a high school drop-out who currently works at a bike repair shop.

He is in love with his elder sister Kyoko, but suffers due to his inability to accept it. After Kyoko's death, he is attracted to Mika, who looks just like her. Upon learning of the strange things happening around Mika, he decides to protect her.

It is unclear whether this an attempt to atone for his inability to protect his sister, or out of love for Mika.

Yukari Hasegawa

A student at Hinashiro High, and Mika's senior. She is like a sort of leader to Mika and Chisato. She unconsciously gives off an aura of rejection, rejecting all modernistic things. She remains in a relationship with a man who visited Hinashiro High as a trainee teacher.

Chisato Itsushima

Mika's senior and Yukari's friend. She possesses supernatural powers, saving Mika and Yukari from danger on many occasions. Her power is seemingly not psychic. Might she be some sort of higher being, different from normal people?

Arisa Kahara

A student at Hinashiro High, and Mika's junior. She, like Chisato, is part of the archery club. She lives life at her own pace, and is never swept along by what goes on around her. Sometimes she can be clumsy, but that is just one of her charms. Posesses a strong sixth sense.

Kyoko Kazan

Ryo's elder sister, and his only supporter. She passes away in a bike accident, but continues to have a big influence on Ryo even in death. Things didn't seem to be going well with her boyfriend, Sumio Tohba.

Sumio Tohba

Kyoko Kazan's boyfriend. He is a playboy, and has had relations with several other women besides Kyoko. However, Kyoko was a special person to him. Sumio is jealous of the relationship between Kyoko and Ryo, displaying an unusual fixation with him.

Rumi Tohba

Sumio's little sister. She loved Sumio as more than a brother. She has dated Ryo in the past, but he was nothing more to her than a substitute for Sumio. It is also true, however, that she is jealous of Ryo's attraction to Mika.


The headmaster of Hinashiro High. He is a skilled manager, employing Swedish management techniques, and has turned Hinashiro High into a top class and prestigious school in the space of a year. His personality is gentle, and he is liked by the students.

Kimika Takahashi

A student at Hinashiro High. She was involved with Sumio, but to him, Kimika was no more than one of his many women. Hurt after being tossed aside by Sumio, she burns him and herself to death.

Kazuki Aihara

Mika's classmate. She and Mika get on well enough to be called good friends. She has a bright personality, and is the type to say anything without hiding what she thinks. A kind girl who cares about her friends.

Miho Katsuragi

Mika's classmate. She has a short temper and won't put up with anyone she can't stand, even if that person is a teacher. She isn't too fond of Mika, who immediately jumps at boring rumours.

Miki Kosaka

A second-year at Hinashiro High. She is a good friend of Miho's, and they are often together. She dies after being pinned under a fallen piece of material inside the under-construction old gym. No one knows what she was doing in such a dangerous place.

Miyuki Yoshida

A second-year at Hinashiro High. She is a member of the astronomy club. Perhaps due to her intense character, the people around her view her as strange. It is unclear whether she realises this or not.

Mithra/White-haired boy

Aside from the fact that his hair is white, he looks just like a normal child. However, he is not human. His true form is that of Mithra, the god of contracts. He possesses supernatural powers, which he uses to toy with Mika. It seems clear that he is involved in the many strange incidents occurring within Hinashiro.

He seems to have known Chisato and Yayoi, who also have supernatural powers, for a long time, but it is unknown what their true relationship is.

Yayoi Itsushima

Claims to be Chisato's little sister, but no one knows the truth. Even Yukari, a childhood friend of Chisato's, was completely unaware of Yayoi's existence. Despite her calm exterior, her personality is brutality itself. She casually carries out cruel actions such as leading Mika to perverts. Like Chisato, she possesses supernatural powers. Does this mean that she really is Chisato's sister?


His principal work is as an author, but that has been going badly lately, and these days his work primarily consists of reports for magazines. He has bountiful knowledge of the occult, helping out Mika many times. It may be the two's shared love of the occult that led him to come to know Mika, a female high school student living in a completely different world. He never directly gets involved with incidents, leading to him often being called useless by Mika.