Originally posted on 28 May 2016
Source: Shadow of Memories Official Guide, page 80-81

These are original stories written specially by Junko Kawano, detailing Dana's empty four years and the meeting with Eckart that couldn't be shown within the game.

Shadow of Memories: Sidestory 2: Meeting Eckart

The door near the centre of the tower served as a direct link to the museum building. Through a slight crack in it, I could see the rear side of Eckart as he sat quietly.

How long had it been now since I had met Eckart - two, three years? As I thought it over, I entered the room. The first time, I had been using my holiday - back then, I was a freelance travel writer, although not anymore - and travelling by myself, when I happened to pull over my car.

I had never intended to come to this town, but as I was getting hungry I came upon a small sign, and decided that I would stop by.

The atmosphere of the town, which you would only find on the most detailed of maps, was indescribable. However clichéd of an expression it may be, to put it simply, even though I had never been here before it felt somehow familiar. I had never felt that way before.

After parking the car outside of the walls and filling my belly with cake from the café, I decided to go for a walk around town. Generally, there is something to discover in any town upon your first visit - the cake didn't taste half bad, either.

Feeling better, I received guidance at the town hall and began to walk. The antiques shop, the former alchemist's house, the butcher's... There was nothing in this town. Despite what a good first impression the town's atmosphere had made on me, was it a bust after all? Although, the food was pretty good...

As I thought these thoughts, I headed for (what I thought was) the largest tourist spot in town, the Brum Museum of Art. But, Brum? I'd never heard of a painter by that name... Oh - according to the guide, rather than being an artist, Brum seemed to be a man who collected paintings.

Entering the museum, I was lost for words. The pictures inside the gallery seemed to have been painted by an artist called Karl Franssen. All kinds of paintings hung from the walls, from landscapes to portraits of people. They all seemed to represent the way the town used to look.

...It was strange. I felt as though I had been sucked into the world inside the paintings. I looked at the artist's career history. Franssen had created these works between 1580 and 1600. That was quite a long time ago. But why was the scenery inside the paintings so enchanting...?

"Do you like them that much?"

Out of nowhere, an ageing man had appeared by my side. He introduced himself as Eckart Brum, the curator here.

After that, I began visiting the town from time to time in order to discuss the paintings with Eckart. Today, too, these had been my true plans. Why was I remembering these things...? Perhaps, not knowing who to trust - for a time, I had even doubted Eckart - I was feeling a little timid.

"Eike... I am truly sorry," Eckart apologised, confessing his sins before me.

...Right. I had to search for the true perpetrator. For now I would forgive Eckart from the bottom of my heart, and we would talk about paintings some other day. That time would come. I believed it. This, I promised to myself. And next time, too, I would tell him about what I had seen in 1580.