Originally posted on 28 May 2016
Source: Shadow of Memories Official Guide, page 78-79

These are original stories written specially by Junko Kawano, detailing Dana's empty four years and the meeting with Eckart that couldn't be shown within the game.

Shadow of Memories: Sidestory 1: Dana's Situation

The world before Dana's eyes was enveloped in a bizarre green light, then suddenly went pitch black. Anyone would know that even in the middle of the night, it never got this dark. Something had happened.

I guess this is what it looks like from inside a TV when someone suddenly flips the switch...

For some reason, Dana wasn't too afraid; however, since she hadn't taken in the situation enough to make her next move, she hazily sat down after appearing in that world.

Suddenly remembering it, Dana took the stone out from the pocket of her short apron. She didn't think that such a stone had been lying around inside the café before the man calling himself Eike had appeared, but just who had dropped it?

"...It's so pretty..."

"You! What are you doing in a place like this!?"

A voice suddenly came out of the darkness. It was the unreserved voice of a woman.

"Huh? Uh... I, I..."

She hurriedly put the stone away. She didn't seem to have noticed it.

"L-look at you, girl, showing off your legs... Did something happen?"

"Um, I..."

"Did something happen?"

She tried to respond, but the succession of women's voices covered it up. There seemed to be three women in their group.

"Oh, goodness me. What a busy day. At least wrap this around your legs. It's better than nothing." A plump woman took off her own apron and wrapped it around Dana's legs. It was still warm.

"T-thank... you."

"Hurry along home, now."

"It's not like you to treat a young girl with such kindness," the thin woman said, teasing the plump woman.

"Look at what she's been through. I just thought that doing something nice for her would save me from the wrath of God."

The women continued chatting as they vanished into the darkness. After a while, she let out a sigh and stood. Tying on the apron - large enough to make it one and a half times around her waist - for the time being, she saw a light approaching. It was coming from a lantern that was being carried by a man in a cape - he must be a night watchman out on patrol.

"What's the matter? Hurry along home, now."


"What is it?"

"I... I don't think I know how to get home. Could you help me?"



"How happy you must be, even though merely being allowed to work here makes you happy. You must be grateful."

"I'm sure that God is watching over your work."

Around four years had passed. Dana had secured a job taking care of a lord's daughter. There were those who talked behind the unfamiliar girl's back, but everyone who saw Dana work could sense how capable she was, and one day the lord, praised throughout town as "friend of the common people", had come to speak to her directly.

Not only that, but today was a special day. A painter with whom the lord was friends had said that he wanted to paint Dana. Considering her own position, Dana had been a little hesitant, but the lord and her fellow workers all told her to go through with it. Today she was going to visit the painter's house and discuss things such as for how many days she would be modelling.

How should I have him paint me? ...That's right, this stone... I'll have him paint this red stone. It must be thanks to this stone that I was able to become a person of this world, and that I'm so happy right now...

Dana looked at the red stone she always carried with her as a lucky charm.

Thank you for everything...

After squeezing it gently Dana looked at it once more, then slipped it carefully into her breast pocket, leaving the maid's quarters and making her way to the painter's atrium.