Originally posted on 23 February 2014
Source: Siren 2 The Master Guide, page 13

Siren 2 Master Guide: Takeaki Misawa

Male, 38 years old
Member of Japanese Self-Defence Force (ground)
■No. of featured levels
Playable: 2
Movie: 2
■First appearance
04:00 "Vision"

■Monologue List

●04:00 "Illusion"
"Where are you, Nagai...?"
"What are you so upset about?"
"...This is... getting kind of fun..."

●Yamibito Type Zero (Patrolling)
"It doesn't matter which side you're on..."

●Yamibito Type Zero (Alerted)
"You have to just accept it all..."

●Yamibito Type Zero (Attacking)
"Get out of that useless shell..."
"Yeah, not bad."
"Isn't this fun?"

■A veteran SDF member who excels in assessing the situation and acting

Nagai's superior, who was on the cargo helicopter with him when it crashed. He gives directions as they move about the island in place of unit member Okita, who is killed in the crash. With his unstable mental state, he usually takes pills that seem to stabilise him, which began with his bizarre experience two years ago when conducting a rescue in Hanuda Village.

Physical abilities and traits

↑ As a veteran soldier, his physical abilities are unusually high. He is particularly skilled at sniping, and can shoot straight at even a rather far away enemy with hardly any shaking of the gun.

Health ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ 1500
Stamina ▮▮▮▮▮ 100
Stamina recovery 3
Unarmed attack Strength: B
Usable firearms Pistol
Shooting ability B
Sniping ability S
Actions when with companion
When attacked With weaponFight
Without weaponFight
When companion attacked With weaponProtect companion
Without weaponProtect companion