Originally posted on 21 February 2014
Source: Siren 2 The Master Guide, page 10

Siren 2 Master Guide: Mamoru Itsuki

Male, 20 years old
Magazine editor
■No. of featured levels
Playable: 6
Movie: 8
■First appearance
-07:00 "Oddity"

■Monologue List

●-03:00 "Encounter"
"What the hell's... going on...?"

●03:00 "Maze"
"Dammit... I was just being used..."

●15:00 "Hatred"
"Come out, come out... monsters..."
"So... you hate the light, huh?"

●22:00 "Mad Laughter"
"Am I meant to just let those damn monsters take over?"

●In battle
"Why won't they give up!?"

●Fleeing from enemies
"Dammit... Stay away from me!"
"Damn monsters...!"

■An occult magazine editor pursuing the strange incident on Yamijima

An editor of the magazine "Atlantis", which deals with a wide breadth of information from scientific into to mysterious happenings overseas and supernatural phenomena. While visiting Yamijima on research, an island that has been plagued endlessly with rumours beginning with the disappearance of its islanders 29 years ago, he is thrown from his boat after it is hit by a huge, red, surging wave. Having regained his consciousness, he finds that he has luckily washed up at Yamijima Harbour.

Physical abilities and traits

↑ Despite starting the intro level without a weapon, from the mid stage onwards he often has a 9mm pistol. He is also not good at sniping from a distance, and his aim shakes easily.

Health ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ 1400
Stamina ▮▮▮▮▮ 100
Stamina recovery 2
Unarmed attack
Usable firearms Pistol
Shooting ability B
Sniping ability B
Actions when with companion
When attacked With weaponFight
Without weaponFight
When companion attacked With weaponProtect companion
Without weaponProtect companion