Originally posted on 23 February 2014
Source: Siren 2 The Master Guide, page 14

Siren 2 Master Guide: Akiko Kiyota

Female, 29 years old
■No. of featured levels
Playable: 2
Movie: 4
■First appearance
-29:00 "Intruder"

■Monologue List

●00:00 "Discomfort"
"What's going on...?"
"That image just now... So strange... Another power...?"

●12:00 "Fright"
"That night... 29 years ago... What...?"
"I'm... I'm... I'm..."

●15:00 "Wandering"
"Sorry for leaving you all by yourself..."
"Shu... Forgive me..."

●When separated from companion
"...The image is getting so strong."
"There's something else hidden... here..."

■A fortune-teller with the special ability to see the past

A fortune-teller who runs a shop called "Yumemi Salon" in Tokyo. An incident occurs in which Ryuko Tagawa, a customer and friend of hers, is murdered by someone at home. Deciding to search for the true perpetrator with Abe, the initial suspect and Ryuko's housemate, she boards the Shoseimaru in order to reach Yamijima, the location indicated via dowsing.

Physical abilities and traits

↑ Akiko Kiyota can use an ability called "past sight" to view memories left in objects and places through sightjacking. These images, shown in sepia, include important hints to proceed through the level.

Health ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ 1200
Stamina ▮▮▮▮▮ 100
Stamina recovery 2
Unarmed attack
Usable firearms PistolX
Shooting ability C
Sniping ability
Actions when with companion
When attacked With weaponFight
Without weaponRun
When companion attacked With weaponProtect companion
Without weaponPanic