Originally posted on 13 September 2013
Source: Official website

Siren: Quiz

Note: This quiz, the "Siren Maniac Quiz", was posted on the official Japanese website to commemorate the "best" reprint of the game. If you score 100 points (10/10) you will be presented with a link to a downloads page featuring wallpapers and an MP3 to download.

You can access it by clicking this button on the main page:

How many times each day does the siren sound?

① One
② Two
③ Four

What is the name of Miyako Kajiro's pet dog?

① Caleb
② Cherub
③ Serb

Which of the following types of fortune can be obtained at Mizuhiruko Shrine?

① Very lucky, lucky, bad luck, very bad luck
② Medium luck, future good luck, bad luck, very bad luck
③ Minor luck, lucky, unlucky, very bad luck

What is Kyoya Suda's username?


What food served as a model for Hanuda Noodles?

① Morioka reimen
② Hiyashi chuka
③ Jajamen

Which of these instruments does Naoko Mihama play?

① Japanese drum
② Quena
③ Oboe

What is the name of Harumi Yomoda's aunt who takes care of her?

① Momoko
② Harue
③ Akemi

What are the real names of Kei Makino and Shiro Miyata?

① Tatsuya and Katsuya
② Shoichi and Shoji
③ Takaaki and Katsuaki

What is the name of the district containing the rice fields?

① Karuwari
② Tabori
③ Arato

What is the name of the drowning victim as seen in the 7 September 2001 edition of the magazine Shintokumaru?

① Namiko Yoshikawa
② Shoichi Matori
③ Megumi Suzuki