Originally posted on 3 September 2017
Source: Archives of Siren

Atlantis Magazine: Special Edition, November 2005, Part 2

These kinds of mysterious things are happening around the world!


This page summarises all kinds of bizarre stories being reported in Japan and all over the world. The Earth is filled with mysteries!

Gaining eternal youth by eating flesh!? Legendary "mermaid mummy" discovered

After consuming the flesh of a mermaid and obtaining eternal youth, Yao Bikuni is said to have brought an end to her overly-long life at the age of 800. The legend remains in ** Village, ** prefecture, where the recent discovery of a mermaid mummy from a house has people abuzz. The finder was Mrs. S (43), a housewife. Upon taking it to a nearby temple due to its eeriness, she was shocked to be told by the chief priest there that it may be a mermaid.

Despite it being mummified, the flesh of a mermaid is said to have the power of immortality concealed within. As soon as they heard the rumour, a certain pharmaceutical company arrived to take away a sample, and are currently studying its composition. Might this lead to the development of a wonder drug that can confer eternal youth? According to Mrs. S, who claims to have sneaked a piece of the mermaid before cooking and eating it, the taste "resembles that of a salted and dried mackerel".

A fossilised skull with horns found on Onigashima? Are "demons" the descendants of a species that inhabited Earth before us?

** City in ** prefecture is known as one of the roots of the Momotaro legend. On Onigashima ("the isle of demons"), which sits in the nearby sea, a curiously-shaped fossil has been excavated. It is a fossilised skull, about twice the size of a human one, but oddly enough, things that can only be called "horns" jut out from the top of its head. Even more surprising is the age of the fossil. Using radiocarbon dating and nearby index fossils, it was identified as having come from the third period of the Cenozoic Era (approximately 50 million years ago), a time when not only humans but anthropoids had not yet developed.

Mr. Tamura, professor of metaphysical biology at Josei University, has formulated a bold hypothesis, sending the academic world into uproar, positing that the owner of the skull was a member of the first intellectual species which reigned over the Earth long before humans did. According to Professor Tamura, this horned species spent many years building its own civilised society, but were opposed by the later appearing humans, and were finally driven from their dwellings after repeated conflicts. The professor also says that humanity's memories of this horned race linger in the legends of devils and demons that can be seen all over.

Or perhaps these phantom horned beings somehow managed to survive even into the time of recorded history, and were sighted by humans? The fact that this fossil was discovered at the site of the legend telling of the extermination of demons must surely be related somehow to the fate of those who came before.

The sealed religion of Cthulhu was continued in Japan!?

What if the religion of Cthulhu existed in Japan, the land of the Age of the Gods!?

The Cthulhu mythos reveres a god known as Cthulhu, who is said to have reigned over the Earth in ancient times. Its terrible architecture has been uncovered by those such as author H.P. Lovecraft, but as a religion it is generally either in decline or prohibited, leading many to think it eradicated. However, reports continue to surface these days of religions that are seemingly the vestiges of it in remote areas in Japan.

For example, a number of shrines deifying octopi as protectors of fishermen and the coming and going of ships can be found in many regions. Some daring theories assert that these originate from Cthulhu.

In the local religion of "Manaism" recently confirmed within Hanuda Village, too, the system of doctrines are now beginning to be pointed out to resemble the legends of Cthulhu. Not many of the details about Manaism are yet known, due to it being taboo within the village, but a researcher's analysis states that a god within the Cthulhu mythos known as Dagon's influence can be seen in an object of worship obtained by our editing department. However, the donor of this icon is currently missing, and there is no prospect of a further investigation.

New UMA discovered on a solitary island in the faraway sea!? The mysterious animal "Yamipikarya"

Tales of UMAs (Unidenified Mysterious Animals) being spotted are common across the globe these days. There are too many types to count, including a flying "skyfish" that cuts across the camera during the shooting of a TV show, a bloodsucking beast in South America known as the Chupacabra, and the Jersey Devil, a creature found in New Jersey, USA, which appears frequently in the form of a demon. In our own country, our editing department receives a constant flood of reported sightings of tsuchinoko, which people still excitedly try to capture, Kijimuna, small bipeds known as spirits of the departed in Okinawa, and Kusshi, a giant dragon that slumbers within Lake Kussharo.

Some of these UMAs are met with the constant criticism that they are simply a type of common animal, or no more than a trick of the eye or prank. For example, the proposal that tsuchinoko are really a type of lizard with very small limbs is currently spreading. Even still, creatures that cannot be explained by anything other than being tsuchinoko continue to be sighted across the country.

Lately, there has been debate about whether the Yamipikarya, an animal discovered recently on Yamijima, an outlying island in the Japanese sea, may be a new UMA.

Despite initially being viewed as a member of the wildcat family, like the Iriomote wildcat, the mystique of Yamijima, the location of their discovery, has aided in them causing a sudden UMA stir. Further investigation is likely required in order to find out the truth.