Originally posted on 18 September 2017
Source: Archives of Siren

Atlantis Magazine: Special Edition, January 2006, Part 2

These kinds of mysterious things are happening around the world!


This page summarises all kinds of bizarre stories being reported in Japan and all over the world. The Earth is filled with mysteries!

The start of a top-secret project to take psychic photographs of a tenth planet!

In recent years, a tenth planet in our solar system called "Sedna" has been discovered. However, Sedna is about 10 billion kilometres from Earth, and is smaller even in diameter than Pluto and the moon, making it difficult to perform closer observations using current scientific methods.

This incited the creation of a group with Professor F, who researches abnormal psychology at Josei University, at its centre. They have set up a large project that attempts to take psychic photos of Sedna using specially trained people with supernatural powers.

As in the example of Koichi Mita, who is said to have captured a photograph of the other side of the moon at the beginning of the Showa period, psychic photography is a national specialty of ours. "Thought" should be able to connect to our solar system, even if light and electro-magnetic waves cannot. With constant trouble of late, Japan's space development industry has stagnated. Could this project bring it back from the dead?

Reading it all will tell you something!? The curse hidden within a children's song

Dubious rumours are constantly flying about on the internet, where this "cursed song" is again causing a stir. The song is as below:

Dance, maiden, dance
Wave the crown upon thy head
Watch the flames and dance

Dance, maiden, dance
Ring the bells upon thine earrings
Ask the winds and dance

These words, which are reminiscent of a children's song, have become a persistent sight on internet message boards, before finally being circulated as a staple copypaste. There is no one consistent form.

At first, the text was quoted with the intention of ending arguments, but recently there have been a series of posts stating things such as "people who copy and pasted this went missing", or "I unintentionally read it aloud and injured myself". Suddenly, the rumours of a "cursed song" began to spread in earnest.

According to one theory, this song has seven (or perhaps eight) verses, and if you post them all something terrible will happen. Because of this, the internet was flooded with fake "full" lyrics in order to stir up fear. No one, however, can say for sure that the real lyrics aren't mixed within...

Undertaking the impossible! The start of a parallel world business

According to quantum mechanics, all things are uncertain until somebody observes them. Consequently, there are countless worlds that exist in the universe that are slightly different from our own... This is the parallel worlds theory, a popular theme in science fiction. A ground-breaking new business has been created to put them to use.

According to its founder Haruo Tomonaga, CEO of Dirac Commercial, it is "the ultimate jack of all trades", which will allow you to come and go between parallel worlds themselves, realising their customers' every desire.

"However impossible something may seem in our world, there must be a world where it is possible amongst one of the infinite parallel worlds. We will access them, and make the impossible possible." (Mr. Tomonaga)

This means that if a customer wished to get rich quickly, they could travel to a world in which they have lots of money and switch with their self in that world.

Incidentally, in response to the question of how he figured out a method of accessing these parallel worlds, Mr. Tomonaga vaguely responded, "Well, I practised a lot with cats."

Accidents, disappearances, a mysterious visitor... The calamities that keep befalling our editors

The editing department of Atlantis constantly receives information about the mysteries and curiosities of the world. This time, however, it appears as though we have summoned not just information, but something else, too.

It all began with a new editor who was searching for information about Yamijima on the internet for a feature. The moment he arrived at a certain site, his PC let out a strange sound and froze. Hurriedly rebooting it, he found that all of the data in the folder he had collected so far was corrupted. In his shock, the editor submitted a request to be moved to Bang!, our sister publication.

Even afterwards, our editors complained of strange symptoms such as being itchy all over, feeling unbearably tired and having no perception of time. Our specialist writer finally sent the mysterious message "paraizou ni mauzu", and we have not heard from him since.

That is not all. One day, as the deadline to send our magazine to print drew near, an alien claiming to be from Zeta Reticuli suddenly burst in. Hurrying over to the editor-in-chief, it warned that a disaster that will shake the universe will occur in the coming February. "Even if you are an emissary from space, you really shouldn't be turning up without an appointment!" our editor-in-chief roared, and the Reticulian bowed his head politely and held out a business card with "Space being Ichiro Kawashima" written on it. The editor-in-chief, touched by his refreshing appearance, hit it off with the alien, and the two vanished into downtown Shinbashi.