Forbidden Siren: The Novel

Forbidden Siren: The Novel
Pages: 175
Published: 10 February 2006
Author: Yoshihiko Shindo
Yuki Amamoto
Hideo Amamoto
Shinichi Amamoto

Yutaka Minamida
Satomi Yamaguchi

You mustn't go outside when the siren sounds.

Yamijima, an isolated island over the distant sea, where 29 years ago all of the islanders vanished along with a mysterious siren. Visited by a foreigner in mediaeval times and used as a base by troops after the war, this island, with its melding of foreign cultures, is where a girl and her father, come to the island for her little brother's convalescence, experience terrifying things. Led by several mysteries that appear along with the sound of the siren, they become trapped in an unpredictable oddity. The novel version of the movie, depicting a different ending.