Originally posted on 5 March 2014
Source: Siren 2 Maniacs, page 160-161

Siren 2: Design Works / Image Board

Yamijima, an isolated island floating in the sea. A pylon stretching up into the red sky... To create a unified sense between the staff of this scenery no one had seen before, several image boards were created. These cannot actually be seen in-game, but they are certainly the art of Siren 2.

01 - A view looking up at Yamijima as seen from Dolphin Pier. When compared to the image of Gunkanjima, you can see the similarities between the two.
02 - The visuals for the group housing is actually a rather faithful reproduction of mine housing from a place in Japan.
03 - The entrance to the Underworld. This place isn't actually shown within the game.
04 - The light of the lighthouse piercing the darkness.
05 - The derelict Yamijima Amusement Park. A Yamibito stands in the darkness to the right.

06 - An image of the "Steps to Hell". This was used as the primary image in many places, such as in promotion.
07 - The Singularity, connecting the real world and the World of Nothingness. Mother's shadow floats in the red sky.
08 - A towering pylon reaching towards the red sky on the other side of the choppy sea.
09 - Yamijima Elementary and Middle School, its miserable shell burned and crumbling. The destruction appears even more severe than as shown in-game.
10 - The entrance to the Ohta House in the mid-section of the pylon. You can see the Mekkoju in the background.
11 - An image of the pylon standing on forbidden ground.