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Ryu ga Gotoku 3

For the sake of the things he must protect, the dragon roars once more

Ryu ga Gotoku 3
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release: 26/2/2009
Price: 7,600 JPY (tax excl.)
Ryu ga Gotoku 3 PlayStation 3 the Best
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release: 3/12/2009
Price: 2,800 JPY (tax excl.)

The fourth game in the series, and the first numbered title since making the move to the PlayStation 3. Its most notable characteristic is the improved graphics. Not only this, but the camera switch between screens when moving around has been made smoother, making for a more pleasant gameplay experience. There has also been a large increase in the amount of freedom of the camera, allowing you to see even the finer details of the town's exterior, just one of the many benefits of the change in platform.

The new setting of the Ryukyu District, Okinawa is featured in the game. Seeing Kazuma Kiryu fighting for the orphaned children of Sunshine in place of their father adds another layer of depth to his character. Several new elements to expand the game were also introduced, such as "revelations" from which you learn new moves when witnessing casual incidents around town, and chase battles in which you flee from the enemy.

Story and character correlation chart

Kazuma Kiryu and Haruka Sawamura leave the familiar Kamurocho to lead a new life managing Sunshine, a small orphanage in Okinawa. They live happily with the children there, who come from a variety of backgrounds, with smiles on their faces. One day, however, a dispute springs up over purchasing the land to use in the development of a resort to accompany the expansion of the American military base. A confrontation with the Ryudo Family, who push for eviction, is solved with the assistance of Daigo Dojima, sixth chairman of the Tojo Clan. The plan is suspended for a time, but a year later in March 2009 Daigo and the Ryudo Family boss, Shigeru Nakahara, are shot by a mysterious man. The perpetrator bears the same face as Shintaro Kazama, the man who raised Kiryu. Amidst the shock and chaos, the base expansion plans begin to move along once more...

Daigo's wound causes the Tojo Clan to be shaken by a dispute over his successor. At an emergency meeting of the executives Osamu Kashiwagi, boss of the Kazama Family, proposes that Kiryu, the fourth chairman, returns to the clan. Despite the endorsement of Yoshitaka Mine, chairman of the Hakuho Clan, Tsuyoshi Kanda, third boss of the Nishikiyama Family, and Go Hamazaki, boss of the Hamazaki Family, revolt. The executives are unable to come to an agreement. Kiryu, having temporarily returned to Kamurocho to see what is going on within the Tojo Clan, tries to learn from Kashiwagi what happened in the meeting. Suddenly a helicopter appears, blindly firing its gatling gun. With his dying breath, Kashiwagi tells Kiryu to find the person within the Tojo Clan who is secretly looking for the rights to the resort development project, who also has ties to the man who looks like Kazama.

Seeking the truth, Kiryu learns that Hamazaki is colluding with Snake Flower, a Chinese mafia with whom Kiryu once had a confrontation, going after the rights to the resort project. In the process, however, his underling, Rikiya Shimabukuro, is kidnapped by Snake Flower. Kiryu heads for enemy headquarters and, despite being forced into a hard-fought battle with the Snake Flower's Lau Ka Long, is saved by the intervention of the man who looks like Kazama.

Afterwards, Kiryu is told by Ryuzo Tamiya, the Minister of Defence, that the true goal behind the expansion of the redeveloped military base is the destruction of weapons smuggling outfit Black Monday. Not only this, but the man who looks like Shintaro Kazama that Kiryu has been chasing is his younger brother, Joji, who is cooperating with Tamiya's plan as a spy from the CIA. The CIA use all means at their disposal to track Black Monday's movements. This means that Joji had no choice but to eliminate Daigo and Nakahara as obstacles to the purchase of the land. Kiryu exchanges blows with Joji and talks to him, learning that Joji is a passionate man who puts his own ideations before his duty, and that it was not he who shot Nakahara and Daigo but a foreigner who was accompanying him.

Later, Sunshine is attacked as part of Mine's scheme to become the Tojo Clan's successor. In order to settle things with Mine, Kiryu heads for Toto Hospital where Daigo is hospitalised. Kiryu and Mine have a confrontation on the hospital roof. Mine explains growing up as an orphan, the reason why he became a yakuza, and meeting his goal in Daigo. Now that he is about to lose that goal, however, Mine runs wild, trying to take everything by force. Presented with Mine's warped ideals, Kiryu answers with his fists.

Upon realising what it is that he should truly believe in, a CIA agent appears before Mine. This is the man who was acting alongside Joji and the true mastermind behind all of the incidents - Andre Richardson, the leader of Black Monday. Just when all hope seems lost, the comatose Daigo sits up and shoots Richardson. To bring an end to the tumult and, more than anything else, to do things in the way he believes proper, Mine forces Richardson to plummet from the roof alongside him.

The incident is over, and Kiryu is about to leave Kamurocho. Then Hamazaki, who has lost everything, shows up, thrusting a knife into Kiryu to exact his revenge...

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