Originally posted on 20 January 2016
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Destiny of a Dragon

What kind of person is Toshihiro Nagoshi? 2

16/02/2010 22:29

Today, Mr. Nagoshi is wearing a red and black checked shirt with sunglasses. On his left hand are two huge rings. Chrome Hearts? He has a white Chanel watch and a bracelet. As always, he looks stylish.

I wanted to draw out Nagoshi's unknown cute side. I had narrowed down my goals for today's interview to this alone. When we first met, Mr. Nagoshi was playing with his phone. And attached to it was - Rilakkuma!? Upon seeing this I instantly questioned him, and he replied: "I like Rilakkuma. I'm using a different strap now." Oh? Perhaps he likes fancy goods more than we thought? "No - I like animals. I have a cat, but I'd like to own a dog one day as well."

As far as I learned, he seems to own a male (neutered) cat. 6 or 7 years ago, he saw a poster at the dry cleaner's and put himself forward as its foster parent.

What a nice story!

And what is the name of his pet cat? Mr. Nagoshi's answer: "I'm not telling you." Whyyy!? I want to know! "No matter the reason, it's too embarrassing to say the name of my pet," he declined obstinately. So cute (laughs).

"Mine's called Nyao-kun (Mr. Meow)," I boldly proclaimed, and my own embarrassment spread to a few of the staff members (laughs). After this, our interview concerning the book began, and a shocking statement was made by someone who knows Mr. Nagoshi very well:

"He's surprisingly shy, you know."

Is that so! Now that you mention it, I do get that vibe!

This has been writer Ogawa, deciding that next week's goal is to report on the creation process of this book and the like.