Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 117-118

Destiny of a Dragon

Shifting the game's charm with tie-ups

Uemura, inexperienced and fumbling his way through the start of promotion, finally realised the gravity of the role he had been given.

One day, Uemura visited a branch of Don Quijote. It was a discount shop that had shown understanding towards tie-ups since the time of RGG1. Upon requesting, "Please let us sell RGG2 at your stores when it comes out!" the manager happily gave them the green light. Visiting the store another day, Uemura's eyes went to the sales area that had been set up right beside the entrance. The manager had specially brought over a monitor and created a remarkably conspicuous Ryu ga Gotoku 2 corner. Drawn in by the trailer playing on the monitor, many people had stopped in front of it. The actual shop featured in the game became an advertisement for the tie-up. On the other hand, the tie-up shone a favourable light on Ryu ga Gotoku, contributing to sales. They had both received promotion.

The release date drew closer, and development was in its final stages. Uemura, watching a test take place on the development team's monitor, was stunned by the scenery of Osaka's largest red light district, Sotenbori, and Shinseicho.

The huge crab, which could be called a landmark, shone brilliantly. It was because Uemura had secured a tie-up with Kani Doraku and obtained permission to put its sign in the game. Besides this are lots of other restaurants that are actually in Osaka, such as the pufferfish-based Tsubora-ya, Tsuruhashi Fugetsu and its okonomiyaki, and the Japanese-style food chain Ganko.

This town, exemplifying a different kind of unique lustre to Tokyo's red light district, was depicted spectacularly.

Uemura realised what a huge role he had played in just showing off the charm of the game's setting through his promotion.

"Nagoshi tells a memorable story about Matsuya"
"I was a country bumpkin at the time, so when I saw the miso soup they brought along with my gyudon I was shocked, thinking, 'They brought me something I didn't order!' I thought they might charge me if I ate it, so I didn't touch it. I still remember how good the gyudon I ate that day tasted."
"Pilgrimage to the holy land"
Refers to passionate fans of anime and games looking and walking around an actual town ("holy land") that appears in a work. As the Ryu ga Gotoku series continued, more and more fans began visiting the red light district upon which Kamurocho was modelled. But if you stray down a back alley and carelessly take photos, there is a chance that you may end up starting a fight with one of these people, so make sure you take adequate care.
"Kiryu and smoking"
From RGG2 and onwards, if the player leaves the game idle without doing anything, they can see Kiryu smoke a cigarette. The brand he smokes...?

"It's not settled or anything, but I guess maybe Seven Stars' strong ones. I myself used to like Camel and smoke theirs, but at some point they stopped doing soft packs. If you put a box of them in your pocket the corners are all pointy, so now I get Caster soft packs. I think Kiryu likes soft pack cigarettes, too." (Nagoshi)

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