Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 58-63

Destiny of a Dragon

Kiryu and Haruka guided by fate - publication of the storyboards of their chance meeting

Storyboards - the blueprint for the moving cutscenes. How was the impressive first meeting between Kiryu and Haruka portrayed? Let us give you a special glimpse at some of this.

The gruesome depictions became a problem at the review

This is the most impressive scene, one which depicts the meeting with Haruka, the girl who holds the key to the 10 billion. However, the concept of witnessing a young girl at the scene of a massacre was seen as an issue at the prerelease platform review. Nagoshi, wanting to make the chance meeting between the two who were later to be closely bound together impressive no matter what, argued with Sony's review team over and over again and succeeded in convincing them that it was necessary. The cutscene included in the game proceeds almost exactly as it does in the storyboards.

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