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Destiny of a Dragon

Delivering the game's charm via radio, "Kamurocho Radio Station"

"Kamurocho Radio Station", an online radio station that started at the same time as development on RGG3 was announced. Voice actors and staff conveyed the game's charms through talks in a new test.

Introducing the key points of new games through the radio

September 2008. Ahead of RGG3's release, "Kamurocho Radio Station" went on air. It was an uncommon setup for a game - using web radio to tell people about the charms of the latest game. With Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima's voice actors Takaya Kuroda and Hidenari Ugaki as MCs, they would have discussions backed up by a guest on each episode. At first, head of scenario Yokoyama appeared as a guest, but at some point he became an established regular MC.

The "Adult Troubles Advice Room" is a corner that has been present from the very first episode, in which all kinds of questions from listeners about their issues are answered. It had attracted all kinds of submissions, from how to turn down a boss' invitation to go for a drink to suggestive issues regarding love. In the "Nagoshi's bar" corner, Nagoshi announces information about the latest game. With the addition of Uemura, they also discuss the finalised cast and campaigns.

On the episode recorded publicly at the Tokyo Game Show, Nagoshi participated as "king of the cabaret". He gave tips about the rate structure of cabaret clubs and now to enjoy them to the fans assembled there. With each episode, cast members also appeared one by one as guests. The episode in which Akio Otsuka, a voice actor well known for playing Snake in the popular game Metal Gear Solid who plays the role of Ryuzo Tamiya, appears must have been a great moment for many fans, a dream contest between the "legendary dragon" and "the legendary mercenary".

The first female guest was Rie Kugimiya, who plays Haruka. She often plays main roles in anime and games, and has a passionate fanbase. She says that, "The kind of air the role of Haruka has to it is really refreshing." A wide variety of other guests have appeared on the show, such as ring announcer at the underground arena Kei Grant and Kazuhiro Yamaji, who plays Date. In the six months leading up to RGG3's release date, a large number of listeners assembled.

Restarted to provide information on RGG4

For a time the web radio closed its doors, but in July 2009 it reopened in the guise of "New Kamurocho Radio Station". It publicised the latest information about RGG4, which had been announced as being in development. At first, when the amount of information they could disclose was limited, they performed a unique rakugo-like sketch called "a dragon's comedy". Eventually, they began introducing the cabaret girls who were to appear in the game, and reports from the Tokyo Game Show, amongst other things.

The voice actors playing new characters also made appearances. Rikiya Koyama, who played Taiga Saejima, is familiar for his dubs of popular foreign dramas. Along with Ugaki, he performed interesting lines from Saejima and Majima. Aya Hirano, who commands extraordinary popularity, talked about new character Hana, whose appearance was shrouded in mystery. Koichi Yamadera, who plays Shun Akiyama and is also known as "the man with the voice of a rainbow", he displayed his rich range of vocal tones in his impressions.

Several noted actors also appeared as guests. Including Kenichi Endo, who plays Junji Sugiuchi, and Kenta Kiritani, who plays Takeshi Kido, they each talked about their feelings towards the characters. Others such as producer Kikuchi and the development staff made appearances, telling the listeners what was going on behind the scenes.

A new start in response to the fans' enthusiasm

Though it ended along with RGG4's release, the radio station was brought back in a form responding to the desires of the fans on 16 April 2010. Since then, it has been used to distribute information about such things as new projects. The "Adult Troubles Advice Room", having grown into a popular corner, continues to take submissions. The staff and cast hold discussions centred around interaction with the listeners. Past episodes can also be listened to via the official site, so anyone who missed them can check them out. With the charm of radio, it also satisfies the world of Ryu ga Gotoku.

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