Originally posted on 20 January 2016
Source: page 157-158

Destiny of a Dragon

What he always wants to show is "human drama"

Whatever games he works on in the future, Nagoshi's will to make a human drama is unchanging. In particular, he wants to try a drama that deals with the emotional connection between adults and children.

When Nagoshi was a child, he didn't have a mobile phone, or a PC, or even a game console. Today's children always have a means of communication with them, and are forever busy messaging or using the internet. Boundaries in which today's children are enclosed are hugely different from those of the past, but Nagoshi believes that some things haven't changed at all. In whatever era, children are always seeking friends, as well as meeting with "rivals". They have confrontations with adults. He wants to show the clashing of adults and children and their human feelings.

For a time, domestic takings of Japanese films at the box office were sluggish. Nothing but the biggest Hollywood action blockbusters with large budgets drew customers to the cinema. Recently, however, people have been taking notice of Japanese films again. Perhaps one of the reasons they are viewed favourably is the way that, while not flashy, they portray emotional interaction so thoroughly.

Nagoshi, too, wanted to show emotional relationships through games. Fans of Ryu ga Gotoku also wanted to see the story of Kazuma Kiryu's youth. Perhaps, someday in some form, a day will come when this is realised.

"Nagoshi's view on Japanese films"
"The most recent film to grip me was The Yellow Kid. The person who wrote the scenario must be a genius. It has its crazy parts, but it also strongly portrays the stress kids these days are under."
"Nagoshi's view on western films"
"Honestly, I'm kind of tired of the whole saving the princess and saving the universe thing. Any old man has a story. Even if it's plain, I want to see a kind of drama that all humans have. I often recommend Jerry Maguire to people. It's the story of a man who thinks of nothing but earning a living from football and a man who is bad at keeping control over his own life. Besides that, I like things like Kevin Costner's Tin Cup. The protagonist finds his spirit through winning. I love stories like that."
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