Originally posted on 20 January 2016
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Destiny of a Dragon

Several goods based on the individual characters

Aside from collaboration items that arise from business tie-ups, the Ryu ga Gotoku series has also released a lot of character merchandise.

First of all, ahead of RGG4's release, several gambling goods were sold at Don Quijote. There was a tasteful chinchirorin set, made up of a set of dice and jet black bowl. The mahjong set, with black tiles featuring the Tojo Clan crest, is also a masterpiece. There were also various other items set out in Don Quijote, such as a stone bracelet with a dragon design and gold and silver metal mint cases. For some reason there are also substantial numbers of fragrance items, like stick incense, air fresheners and scented gel.

At the time of RGG3's release, straps with attached wooden tags featuring designs based on the tattoos of Kiryu, Nishikiyama and Majima were released as capsule toys. Though they appeared in capsule machines, which are commonly viewed as being toys aimed at children, this lineup too was actually rather elegant.

Goods for Ryu ga Gotoku: The Movie were also unique items. There was a strap designed as Majima's sign. On the front is written "I'm in - Majima", and on the back, "I'll be right back - Majima". This is a gem that, if hung from your mobile phone, will surely cause your voice to rise an octave with excitement during phone calls. The film version was a veritable Majima-fest, with other items like a metal bat ballpoint pen and Majima eyepatch.

At a time when cute figures were all the rage, a Kazuma Kiryu figure was also released. It is the Kazuma Kiryu Lightning Figure, recreating him realistically down to the tattoo on his back. The figure was also packaged with a metal bat and Japanese sword. It is guaranteed that simply displaying it in your room will cause you to have at least one revelation. Expect more and more unique goods to appear in the future, too.

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