Originally posted on 20 January 2016
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Destiny of a Dragon

In Conclusion

Looking back on the past during the creation of this book, I once more realised fully how important the support gained by meeting people is. I was never very good with people. I disliked the complications caused by relationships with others. But there was a game I wanted to make no matter what, and in order to fulfil that dream I needed the assistance of lots of other people. As I began living as a creator, I learned that I couldn't do anything alone. Realising this, I gradually started connecting with lots of other people, and I felt as though I started to like people more.

I think there are lots of young people, like the old me, who are afraid of coming into contact with others. Young creators in particular likely don't have much confidence in themselves to speak up and tell people what it is they want to do. But I feel as though it was only through connecting with many other people that I was able to grow Ryu ga Gotoku into the huge series it is now, after it initially being rejected. Because I showed many other people my passion to create this game, I was able to obtain allies who lent me their assistance.

I want the youth on whose shoulders the next generation rests and creators who will give life to new games alike to know, through reading this book, that games aren't something that are born from a single person's charisma alone. The power to create the ultimate work comes not from magic or ability, but from person to person communication and effort. Before lamenting your own lack of ability, I want you to first start by connecting with others. You will gain something from this.

Since I am the primary editor of this book, its content mainly centres around my own reflections, but Ryu ga Gotoku is a game that was created due to the support of countless people. Not just I but the staff, too, each went through harsh trials along the way, and there was drama, too. However much I thank those people who assisted me, it will never be enough. I would like to take this opportunity to first of all extend my sincere gratitude to Sega for giving me a chance. I would also like to say "thank you" to the development team, the players, my parents, and the cabaret girls I met during my research. Without any one of these people I wouldn't be the person I am now, and Ryu ga Gotoku would never have come to be.

At present, each of Sega's development teams are working towards their next projects. I hope to continue creating new meetings and emotions through creating games in the future.

June 2010
Toshihiro Nagoshi

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