Originally posted on 18 October 2011
Last edited on 4 July 2015
Source: Official website

Fatal Frame III: Column #1 - 19 July 2005

Night 1, 19th of July

Hello. This is Kikuchi, producer of the Zero series.
Since the website was recently updated (sorry to everyone who's been waiting for so long), starting with me, the director Shibata and myself will begin, bit by bit, to talk about this new work.

First, an introduction of Zero ~Shisei no Koe~ from director Shibata.

In this game, the story takes place in two locations: the house where the protagonist, Rei Kurosawa, lives, and a huge, abandoned Japanese house that she visits in her dreams every time she falls asleep.

The player is struck by the fear of the writhing presences that dominate the House of Sleep from the darkness, and when they return to the real world, bits and pieces of information about the House of Sleep come to light. Each time they sleep, a tattoo eats away at their body.

Miku Hinasaki and Kei Amakura also enter the dream. As the three of them confront their own destinies, you will pursue the manor's mysteries from their three perspectives.

As the player feels like they're figuring all of this out for themselves, they should also feel themselves being pulled into this world from which they can never go back.

This game, based thoroughly on the Japanese kind of fear that gradually seeps into the skin, could also be said to be the culmination of the Fatal Frame series.

Please look forward to it.

We have polished the fear even further with this game. The story of the previous game, Fatal Frame 2, implemented a kind of fantastical scariness, but Fatal Frame 3 allows you to experience a more raw, moist kind of fear.

The end of the rainy season has finally been announced in Tokyo. From here, we enter into summer proper. The damp days will continue, but please look forward to the scariest thing this summer.

(Producer Kikuchi)