Originally posted on 30 July 2011
Last edited on 5 January 2016
Source: Fatal Frame II Official Guidebook

Fatal Frame II: Tamashizume - Hidden Ceremony

The Hidden Ceremony, the substitute for the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, is finally about to begin. All of the houses aside from Kurosawa, Kiryu, Osaka and Tsuchihara have their doors firmly locked, and the torches on Misono Hill have been lit. If this were the standard ritual being performed, all of the villagers would be assembled on Misono Hill with torches in hand, offering up prayers and singing the Sacrificial Song to send off the soul of the sacrifice. Misono Hill is situated immediately above the Hellish Abyss, with a hole in it copying the one at the Abyss. The hole is covered with a rock known as the Sacrificial Rock, apparently taking the place of the sacrifice. At the same time, at the real Abyss down below, the Twin Shrine Maidens are sacrificed and the priests surrounding them sing the Sacrificial Song. Since the underground ceremony must not be witnessed, the priests cover their faces with cloths and the assistants to the ritual, known as Mourners, have their eyes sewn shut. Because of this, the villagers can do nothing except pray on Misono Hill. I will become the Kusabi, a makeshift sacrifice. According to the books, the more pain is inflicted on the outsider who is to be sacrificed, the greater their ability to suppress the Hellish Abyss. In a hidden book, it said that the pain is specifically inflicted after the subject has been suspended on ropes by cutting up their body. ...Can I withstand such agony? Why did I stay here instead of leaving with Munakata when I had the chance? I might be able to glimpse the Gate to Hell, but it will mean that I will no longer be a resident of this world. At the very least, I want the fruits of Asou's research and his Camera Obscura to be known to the public. If someone happens to pick up this notebook, please inform everyone of the events in Minakami Village in my stead.

Munakata - as I carried out my research, wanting to know about the Gate to Hell, I feel as though it has stolen all of me, even my soul. I pray that you do not choose the same path that I did. Please