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Source: Fatal Frame II Official Guidebook

Fatal Frame II: Tamashizume - Madness of the Festival

A few days after coming to the village my investigations at the Osaka House must have become an inconvenience, as Mr. Kurosawa had our lodgings moved to the Kurosawa House. He also granted permission for my participation in the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. I was very grateful, so I gladly went along with his plans. However, Munakata was moved to the Tachibana House, where the little sister of his late friends lives. Why was I alone summoned to the Kurosawa House?

The following day, I received a map with a path out of the village marked on it from Yae and Sae, Mr. Kurosawa's twin daughters. They said that I should take it and get out of the village as soon as possible. I asked why, but they ran off without answering. Despite somehow sensing the danger I am in, I decided to remain in the village as it shan't be long until I will reach the Gate to Hell. I also made a significant discovery.

There was a hidden passage inside the Kurosawa House after all. I came upon five old books left, seemingly hidden, in Mr. Kurosawa's room by chance. According to them, there is a place beneath Minakami Village known as the "Hellish Abyss" where this world is connected to the other. Once every few decades, darkness spews forth from the Abyss and, if ignored, it appears as though the area around the village will become enshrouded in darkness. The Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, a ritual in which a human sacrifice known as the "crimson sacrifice" is tossed into the Hellish Abyss, prevents this. The elder of the Twin Shrine Maidens kills the younger, tossing her corpse into the Abyss... The surviving sister is known as The Remaining, living out the rest of her life imprisoned in the storehouse and later being buried inside the Old Tree.

The Hellish Abyss is a completely forbidden place that you must not look at, speak of, or even write its name. This must be the Gate to Hell that I have been searching for. I have finally made it.

As I continued my reading, I realised a terrible thing. If the twins who serve as the Twin Shrine Maidens feel too strongly towards each other, the ritual can sometimes fail. In this case the Abyss is not completely sealed, and it seems as though the ritual must be performed once more. If another pair of Twin Shrine Maidens can be prepared in haste then there is no problem, but if there are no suitable twins in the village, or if the Abyss becomes unstable before preparations such as prayers are complete, outsiders who come to the village are sometimes offered to the Abyss as a temporary sacrifice.

This must be why I was permitted to participate in the ceremony... Munakata at least has to get out of here while he still can...

As I suspected, the following day I was moved to a confinement room. The courteous hospitality I had been receiving until then vanished, and they wouldn't even give me satisfactory food and bedding. I wonder if Munakata was able to escape from the village safely? Only those chosen as the "outsider" should be allowed to participate in the ritual, so I thought that even if I did nothing he would be turned out of the village... Despite the circumstances, I am honestly elated. In whatever form it takes, I will finally be able to visit the Gate to Hell...