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Source: Fatal Frame II Official Guidebook, page 146

Fatal Frame II: Guidebook - The Repentance

When the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual fails, darkness spills from the Hellish Abyss. The people call this "The Repentance". The darkness must eventually envelop the entire village and the surrounding area. Those who see it are unable to maintain their sanity...

The above was scribbled in a notebook that appears to have been left behind by Mr. Makabe. What on earth happened to him in Minakami Village? I came here to see Itsuki, but I heard from his parents that he had died of an illness. His twin brother, Mutsuki, was said to have died from the same affliction. Their younger sister, Chitose, gave me a piece of paper. All that was written on it was: "Get out of the village right now." Itsuki had definitely written it. Was he alive after all? I thought to ask Chitose, but she had run away as if to hide. Later on, Mr. Makabe told me to leave first by myself. Apparently, people from outside the village can't be there duing the festival period. It seems like Mr. Makabe has received special permission to view the festival from the ceremony master, Yae and Sae's father. Only one outsider is given permission per festival. I had no choice but to gather my luggage and leave the village. However, I intended to keep my promise to Itsuki from the letter to take Yae and Sae out of the village, guessing when the festival was over and sneaking back in.

When I returned, I stood at the village entrance in shock. The village was gone. In the place where there had certainly been five large mansions and several smaller houses dotted around them, I could see nothing through a thick fog. I searched the area for a while, calling Mr. Makabe and Itsuki's names, but no one was there. All I found were several notebooks with Mr. Makabe's name written on them. As I was about to give up and leave, I saw a girl in a white kimono standing in front of the large torii. She was covering her face with her hands and seemed to be crying. I called out to her, but there was no response. I boldly walked over to her. It was Yae. She was okay. I tried asking her what had happened to the village, and what had happened to the others, but she knew nothing. No - she didn't know anymore. Not about me, or Sae, or anything. Everything had returned to nothing.