Originally posted on 3 November 2011
Last edited on 14 January 2016
Source: Fatal Frame II Official Guidebook, page 4-5

Fatal Frame II: Guidebook - Mio and Mayu


Today, I'm going to the secret place where me and Mio used to play together a lot when we were kids. It's a really pretty place, near the mountain village where we were born and raised. This whole area is going to be submerged by a dam, so I came here with my mother and Mio. When we told our mother that we were going for a walk together, she repeatedly warned us, "If you get lost in the mountains you'll be drawn into the Lost Village." She won't tell us exactly what kind of place that is, though... But I'll be fine as long as I'm with Mio. She always protects me. She promised me that we'd be together forever.

Now that I think of it, I dreamt about my father last night. I've always been told that he died when we were little, and I've only ever seen him in photos. He was desperately trying to stop us from going into the mountains, but we kept going deeper. All of a sudden, there were deep red butterflies fluttering around me. I followed after the butterflies, and that's when I woke up. I don't know why I was dreaming about that, but it made me feel strange - somehow familiar and sad.


For the first time in ages, I'm going back to the secret place where I used to go and play with my sister when we were young. It's a really pretty valley near the village where we were brought up. We used to use it as our secret place and sneak out there, but now they're building a dam and it's going to vanish, so we're going there together one last time. It's a secret from our mother. It's our secret place, after all. Even if something happens, we'll be fine. I'm going to protect Mayu. I've been protecting her ever since we were little. No matter what happens, I won't leave her behind...