Originally posted on 8 November 2011
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Source: Fatal Frame II Official Guidebook, page 162

Fatal Frame II: Guidebook - The Gate to Hell

Did Mr. Makabe manage to find the Gate to Hell in the end? He had looked all over the country so passionately and gathered quite voluminous data in his notebooks, yet nowhere could I find any mention of the key part.

What kind of festival was the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual? Had he managed to see it with his own eyes? Where did the village and its villagers vanish to? And the Camera Obscura that Mr. Makabe had... that device that is said to be able to capture images of impossible things and seal them away. It seems to have been specially loaned to him by his friend, Dr. Asou. He had used it to photograph all kinds of things. Where had the Camera Obscura vanished to?

Yae never did manage to remember anything. She is quite a lot happier these days, but at first she suffered from nightmares and many times she would call out Sae's name incessantly. What really happened in Minakami Village?

These days, I find myself constantly thinking about that village. The village that disappeared in a single night. The strange festival. The Gate to Hell. Why can I think of nothing else? I can't help but be curious about the details of the secret festival that Mr. Makabe might have seen.

The Gate to Hell. The Gate to Hell. The Gate to Hell. Did Mr. Makabe really manage to see the Gate to Hell? The Gate to Hell that connects this world to the other. Ah, I envy him so. I wanted to see it myself, too, just once. Why do I feel this way all of a sudden?

I, too, have begun wanting to search for it - that thing called the Gate to Hell...